50 Victoria Street SP sub-group

Minutes for executive meeting #3

June 6th, 2019 – 11:30 to 12:30 pm


Present: Marcel Beaudoin, Jay Fothergill, Mary Murphy, Celine Fletcher, Maria Salazar, Akid Azfar, Hassan Bayaa and Reginald Linco

Absent: Mazen Hijazi and Adel El Hammad


  1. Approval of minutes from May 8th 2019 

Approved by all.


2. Bargaining L&L session

  1. Date set for 26 June 2019 12-1:00 pm, Room 24D.
  2. Send presentation slides of bargaining to rest of execs. Action: Marcel 
  3. Posters for Bargaining L&L required. Action: Adel
  4. Setup Wiki page (Note: indicate that members can ask questions on bottom of wiki page ahead of L&L or email to Marcel during L&L and we will try to answer them) – Action: Reg
  5. Ensure Teleconference account is available for Bargaining L&L. Action:  Marcel to send info to update Wiki page/posters.
  6. Food for Bargaining L&L – Action: Mazen and Adel (originally Jay)
  7. Email for Bargaining L&L – Action: Marcel 


3. Visibility/promo items discussion

  1. Distribution of visibility/promo items will occur during L&L sessions Action: Mary; and 
  2. Indicate in L&L poster: “Members have to be present to receive certain items drawn”. Action: Adel


4. Bargaining drop-in sessions

During Bargaining L&L session, indicate drop-in sessions (union room) or via email for any questions regarding tentative agreement. Action: Marcel. 


5. New Trainees

July 21st new trainee PIPSC presentation.  Action: Marcel.


Schedule next meeting date in late July 22-26th timeframe. Action: Reg.