50 Victoria Street SP sub-group

                             Minutes for executive meeting

October 26th, 2022 – 12 to 1 pm


Present: Marcel Beaudoin, Jay Fothergill, Celine Fletcher, Mazen Hijazi, Akid Azfar, Hassan Bayaa, Reginald Linco

Opening of meeting – Approval of Agenda


1 - Approve agenda

2 - Approve minutes


4 - 50 Victoria Street AGM


1.      2-year terms (President, treasurer, 3 MAL)

2.      1-year term (VP, Secretary, 3 MAL) (These terms then switch to 2-year terms) Term length

·        President's report (short)

·        Short bargaining report (short) (Will be a dedicated presentation in the winter/spring)

5 - Bargaining update

6 - Next meeting

7 - Tour de table

8 - Close meeting


1.     Approval of Agenda


·       Agenda approved by all.

2.     Approval of September 14th, 2022 executive meeting minutes

·       Minutes of the previous meeting approved by all.


3.     PIPSC AGM on 18-19th Nov 2022 (Montreal, QC)


·        Delegates: Akid Azfar; Observer: Hassan Bayaa.

·        Virtual meeting invite being sent out @ Nov. 10, re. Marcel will present various motions that are to be presented at PIPSC AGM and what the current PIPSC Executives stances are on the various motions.

Action: Marcel to send out invite zoom links to executive sub-group members.


4.     50 Victoria Street AGM


·       It was decided to hold the AGM 100% virtual via Teams on December 1st, 2022.

·       No minimum requirement of attendees for the AGM. For voting, the quorum must be at least half of the attendees.

·        Agenda for the AGM:

1.      Elections. All sub-group exec. members are up for election. To ensure continuity with level of experience of the sub-group executive members, the following will have 2-year terms (President, treasurer, 3 Members at Large) and the following positions will have 1-year term (VP, Secretary, 3 Members at Large) (These terms then switch to 2-year terms). Note: If any 2-year Members at Large positions are unfilled, they will be converted to 1-year positions.

2.      President's report (short).

3.      Budget report.

4.      Short bargaining report (probably by Marcel) (Will be a dedicated presentation in the spring)


1.     Akid to verify process of voting in MS Teams (ease of usability, how to control the voting [can the polling/voting be controlled by another person other than the meeting’s host], can we see who is voting for whom or are the responses anonymous, etc.).

2.     Marcel to send out invite for the 50 Victoria Street AGM to all members.

3.     Jay will open AGM with brief remarks before Marcel takes over as host.


5.     Bargaining update


·       Short update from Marcel regarding the 2 meetings with the employer in September & October and what PIPSC position is going forward. Pay proposal are a work in progress (looking at inflation data, etc.…).

·       Bargaining meetings with employer occurring once @every 6-8 weeks (some dates might change due to meetings with Alliance PICs).


6.     Round Table


·       In September Request for Examination (RE) for patent applications were up significantly (probably to get in REs before the regulatory changes come into affect on October). Looks like OT will be available depending on CIPO’s budget.

·       Also, there are no issues with keeping the current room for PIPSC union.


7.     Next Meeting


·        24th November 2022. Short one to prepare for 50 Victoria Street Subgroup AGM


·       At next regular meeting, Akid to present summary of LMCCs meetings (labour Management Consultation Committee as it pertains to patent examiners.).