50 Victoria St. Subgroup Executive Meeting May 25, 2022

Present: Marcel Beaudoin, Jay Fothergill, Akid Azfar, Hassan Bayaa, Mazen Hijazi, Mary Murphy


1 - Approval of Agenda

2 - Approval of Minutes- defer until next meeting as we don’t remember who took minutes last meeting (it was Mary).


3 - Reimbursement of meals at home

·        Lunch can be reimbursed upon presentation of receipt to treasurer, but only if food is purchased, separate receipt.

·        Details are still to come; Marcel will share when released.

4 - Subgroup Presidents Meeting

·        All subgroups are struggling with engagement and using budget allocation with members not in the workplace

·        Bargaining was discussed- surveys had high response rates compared to other years

·        Members voted in favor of binding arbitration, not job action/strike to resolve disputes, and the Executive recommended this route.

5 - Bargaining Conference

·        Celine attended

·        Discussed strengths and weaknesses (SWOT analysis) of bargaining position, strengths ie health Canada employees involved with vaccine, border services working hard; weakness ie negative public view because public servants got to work at home during pandemic; analysed region by region; to provide guidance to bargaining team beyond their own viewpoints.

·        Presentation summarizing survey results: vacation, family leave being used to care for family in a disproportionate amount by people other than white males.

6 - SP Group AGM

·        June 4 at Lac Leamy, Mei Li and Edwin Wong are delegates; Celine observing; should be a link for all to watch remotely but not participate.

7 - Drop in session

·        June 22 12-1, PIPSC to send email invitation and reminder.

·        It will be via Google Meet

·        Marcel will give introduction re: bargaining, then open for questions on any topic.

8 - PIPSC 2022 AGM

·        Montreal Nov 18-20

·        Respond to email from PIPSC to apply

9 - Topics for future L&Ls

·        Everyone please come up with 2 ideas for next exec meeting- preferably at least one non-work-related

10 - Next date

·        June 23rd