50 Victoria St. Subgroup Executive Meeting June 23, 2022

Present: Marcel Beaudoin, Jay Fothergill, Akid Azfar, Mary Murphy, Maria Salazar, Celine Fletcher


  1. Approval of agenda
  • Approved.


  1. Approval of minutes (april and may)
  • Approved.


  1. SP AGM discussion
  • Mei Li and Edwin Wong - delegates; Celine Fletcher - observer;
  • Focused on Bargaining (discussion with ~70 people feedback + survey results)
  • Action: late/emergency amendments – update process in the bylaws
  • Next AGM: March/April 2023 – looking at April 1st or 8th in Toronto.
  • Jenn Carr (new PIPSC president) gave a presentation


  1. Drop in session discussion
  • Akid in process to be our 3rd Steward – Congratulations!
  • Other than executives ~6-10 attendees
  • There were some technical issues with attendees having trouble being admitted and getting kicked off
  • Future in person meetings will only be considered only once there is a clear decision on return to work instructions
  • Location Concern: losing our space in PDPI as it’s part of the commercial space that is being transitioned to other locations. Under our collective agreement, CIPO is supposed to provide us with a space.
    • Action - Marcel: will reach out with Virginie Ethier
    • Action - Akid: will drop by next week to see if there are any notices on the door.
  • Scheduled for 12pm-1pm but went over till 1:10pm with some concerns (job description regarding classification, pilot project at the electrical division)


  1. Mandatory Racism training
  • Marcel has received no estimate on when it will be scheduled or the format (virtual module or a live presentation) what are the consequences if someone does not take it? who is tracking attendance? concern: message was worded aggressively.
    • Action – Marcel: will look into finding some more information


  • Date: Nov. 18th and 19th ; location: Montreal;  Akid (delegate, paid by PIPSC) and Adel (observer, paid by subgroup)
    • Action – Celine to reach out to Mary to see if we have approved a budget to send an observer to the PIPSC AGM (3 days in hotel, transport, food - ~ $1k).
    • Action – Marcel to reach out to PIPSC to find out the detailed costs of sending an observer


  1. Bargaining Update
  • held meeting beginning of June; will continue discussions during the summer; first bargaining dates with Treasury Board: Aug 30th - Sept. 1st ; currently looking to lock dates for bargaining – currently looking into April 2023


  1. Homework (2 topics for non-union topics for lunch and learn sessions)
  • example topics to keep union members engaged: indigenous topic, bike repair, etc.
  • Action - ALL: think of L&L topics for discussion at our next meeting



  1. 50 Victoria AGM
  • tentative date : December 7, 2022
  • planning to start at the next meeting: swag (scarves, hoodie, swag, etc.), location


  1. Reimbursement of meals at home for virtual meetings
  • PIPSC board of directors approved the cost of the lunch during an executive meeting however the process is not yet finalized.
  • Action – Marcel: will find out more details


  1. Tour de table
  • Telework discussion


  1. Next meeting date :
  • Action – Marcel : tentative date July 27th, 2022