50 Victoria Street SP sub-group

                                                                     Minutes for executive meeting

                                                                     January 13, 2022 – 12 to 1 pm


Present: Marcel Beaudoin, Jay Fothergill, Mary Murphy, Celine Fletcher, Adel El Hamad, Hassan Bayaa, Akid Azfar, Reginald Linco

Absent: Maria Salazar, Mazen Hijazi

Opening of meeting – Approval of Agenda


1 - Approval of agenda

2 - Approval of previous minutes

3 - Update on SP AGM held 27th Nov 2021

4 - Budget update

5 - Drop -in Session 20 Jan 2022

6 – Bargaining update (added during meeting)

7 – Round Table

8 - Next meeting date


1.     Approval of Agenda


·       Agenda approved by all.

2.     Approval of November 23, 2021 executive meeting minutes

·       Minutes of the previous meeting approved by all.


3.     Update on SP AGM held 27th Nov 2021

·       27th November at Delta in Ottawa in a hybrid format. Marcel chaired this AGM.

·       Most of Executive members attended in person and the rest attended virtually (@ 75% delegates attended in person and the rest virtually).

·       Technical issues at Delta initially. May look at alternate site(s) for next SP AGM.

·       Two members (Elizabeth MckayAndrews and Andy Wong) of the 50 Victoria St. sub-group attended as delegates.

·       Issue with inappropriate comments on Zoom chat. This needs to be addressed on how to maybe filter inappropriate comments. Otherwise, this was a good platform for feedback/questions from virtual delegates.

·       Guest speakers: Isabelle Roy (re: vaccine mandate update), Waheed Khan; Norma Domey. Debbie Daviau (left early due to illness).

·       Another SP AGM 4 June 2022 (email being sent out for delegates early February).

·       Question regarding if delegates for next AGM will be provided expenses (accommodation and travel) if they are working remotely outside the Ottawa region. They have the option to attend virtually or in-person (expenses will be covered but the limit will be discussed by the executives later on (i.e., $1500 as per last time)).


4.     Budget update

·       Mary presented the budget for 2022:

o  For 2021: $0 spent, $0 received from PIPSC.

o  Don’t expect any new funds from PIPSC for 2022 as no monies spent in 2021. Due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, don’t expect the 2022 budget to differ from the 2021 budget.

·       Motion to move acceptance of the 2022 budget by Reg, seconded by Celine. Approved by all.


5.     Drop -in Session 20 Jan 2022

·       Email delay being sent out to 50 Victoria St. Sub-group members resulted in the drop-in session being moved to 26 Jan 2022. Action: Marcel to send email to Annie Debe (PIPSC Administrative Assistant) to send out email (in both languages) to all 50 Victoria St. Sub-group members about the drop-in session with executive team members.


6.     Bargaining update

·       Bargaining survey email being sent out to 50 Victoria St. Sub-group members @ mid-February (might be a bit delayed if any translation issues occur).

·       Bargaining conference @late-spring/earlt summer timeframe (this is dependent on when the bargaining survey email is sent out). List of demands should be ready @ late summer.

·       Notice to start bargaining will be sent to Treasury Board (earliest we can give our demands is June 2022, this is 4 months prior to our contract ending in Oct. 2022) with list of demands @fall 2022.

·       Question: Is sick-leave part of the bargaining? Answer: no, it (EWSP) is separate.


7.     Round Table

·       Items to discuss for drop -in Session 20 Jan 2022: EWSP and bargaining update.

·       Discussion how to spend funds. Action: For next meeting, Hassan to look at items from PIPSC e-store that can be purchased and distribute to members). Action Reg: to allocate 10min on the agenda for next meeting to discuss Hassan’s findings.

·       Get-together event for the 50 Victoria St. Sub-group members, i.e. Outside skating event: Action Reg: to allocate 10-15min on the agenda for next meeting to discuss this.


8.      Next Meeting

·        2nd February 2022.