SP 4900 Yonge Street Executive Meeting Minutes - Tuesday December 6, 2022

Location: 4900 Yonge Street / MS Teams (hybrid)


  • Lynn Kumita – President
  • Jeremy Craigs – Vice-President (attended virtually via MS Teams)
  • Aman Gill – Treasurer
  1. Due to member concerns regarding COVID-19 and the on-going pandemic, the Executive held a hybrid meeting (in-person/virtually) with take away lunches.
  1. Backfilling of Treasurer Position
  • In accordance with sub-group by-law section 6.6.2, with the Treasurer position vacated by Ben Smith as of October 1st, the SP 4900 Yonge Street President and Vice-President have appointed Aman Gill as Treasurer until the 2022 AGM currently being held on December 21, 2022
  • All paperwork has been submitted to PIPSC accordingly and new signing authorities have been obtained via PIPSC
  1. SP 4900 Yonge Street Sub-Group 2022 Annual General Meeting Planning:
  • Lynn provided an overview of the recent email received from PIPSC Finance indicating that the SP 4900 Yonge Street sub-group were at risk of not receiving our annual allowance if we did not hold an AGM this calendar year
  • Lynn and Jeremy updated Aman (as recently appointed Treasurer to replace Ben Smith) that due to our 2021 AGM being delayed until March 2022 due to COVID and workplace restrictions, we were under the impression that our next AGM could be held within one year of the March 2022 meeting (i.e.. In early 2023). 
    • However, based on clarification received from John Purdie of PIPSC, we are required to hold a 2022 AGM within the 2022 calendar year in order to receive our annual allowance
  • Based on this, Lynn with previous collaboration from Aman and Jeremy sent out the Notice of AGM to the membership on November 30, 2022 – four weeks in advance of the AGM date of December 21, 2022
  • Lynn/Jeremy/Aman discussed the Agenda for the upcoming AGM, which will include:
    • Standards agenda items along with:
      • Executive positions up for re-election (President & Treasurer)
      • Vote on donation to foodbank
      • Obtain feedback from membership on comfort for in-person events starting in the new calendar year
      • Obtain feedback from membership on areas of interest for in-person events (for example: social event, lunch & learns re: bargaining, etc.)

ACTION: Lynn will draft the Agenda for the 2022 AGM and circulate to Jeremy and Aman for review/input.

  1. Bargaining Updates
  • The Executive was previously coordinating to reach out to Enzo to provide a bargaining update in conjunction with the next AGM
    • Given the moving up of the AGM to December, the Executive will still proceed with reaching out to Enzo to coordinate a lunch & learn for a Bargaining Update (possibly hybrid if membership is wanting to attend in-person)

ACTION:  Lynn will reach out to Enzo in the new calendar year to arrange for a lunch & learn bargaining update session.

  1. General Discussion
  • Lynn and Jeremy provide a general overview of the sub-group and the Executive for Aman (as a new member of the Executive)
  • Lynn update Jeremy/Aman that an updated membership list has been obtained from PIPSC – there are still members identified who are no longer working in PSPC or TC that are on the list.  Accounting for this, our sub-group membership is <40 members
    • Lynn has reached out to the one RAND member and provided them the information to register with PIPSC and they have confirmed they will do so
  • Given that things are starting to return to pre-pandemic routines, we are hopeful that the sub-group schedule for AGMs, socials and lunch & learns can also get back on track in the new calendar year
    • TC and PSPC have indicated that formal ‘back to the workplace’ requirements will be in place starting January
      • For PSPC it is looking like it will be approximately twice per month and similar for TC
      • Executive discussed that where possible/feasible, we will try to coordinate any future in-person events to coincide when the majority of members will already be on-site at 4900 Yonge, in order to try to ensure the best turn out for any in-person events
        • That said, it is anticipated that hybrid options for more formal meetings and/or lunch & learns will need to continue to be offered in order to maintain inclusivity with all members