SP 4900 Yonge Street Executive Meeting Minutes - Wednesday November 15, 2023

Location: Nolbul Sushi Restaurant (3 Elmhurst Avenue, North York)


  • Lynn Kumita – President
  • Jeremy Craigs – Vice-President
  • Aman Gill – Treasurer
  1. The Executive held an in-person Executive meeting at Nolbul Sushi restaurant located at 3 Elmhurst Avenue, North York, Ontario
  1. Updates from Monthly Presidents/Vice-Presidents Meetings

Lynn and Jeremy provided an update on the most recent SP Sub-Group Presidents/Vice-Presidents Monthly meetings held since the last Executive Meeting in June:

  • All monthly meetings were held via Zoom
  • Between July and October main themes on the National monthly President/Vice-Presidents calls was the status of Collective Bargaining
  • October meeting (held October 12, 2023) main topics were an overview of the tentative agreements that had been reached between PIPSC and Treasury Board
    • The Bargaining Team/PIPSC was recommending that the membership vote in favour of the Tentative Agreement
    • SP Executive are able to present overview of the tentative agreement to the sub-groups during a “lunch & learn” – if sub-groups are interested, we can contact the SP Executive to arrange
  • November meeting (held November 9, 2023) went over the Tentative Agreement again
    • Other discussion included: Enzo & Bryan asking what Presidents/Vice-Presidents would like to get out of the zonal meetings – for example: what would we like to discuss and who would we like to be present
      • Marcel identified an overview of how the financials work at PIPSC and flow down to the sub-groups
      • Lynn suggested a refresher on how we (as sub-groups) fit into the broader organization of PIPSC – for example: what does the Branch Executive do?
      • Bryan also raised if we felt having SP Executives in attendance at the zonal meetings were of value
        • Those in attendance did not see value unless there was a specific PIPSC issue that they could speak to
    • Round-Table included Marcel offering to share a slide-deck he developed for introducing new members to PIPSC & Lynn shared that the SP 4900 Yonge Street Sub-group membership was generally pleased with the tentative agreement and thanked the Bargaining Team for their efforts working on our behalf
  1. Upcoming sub-group activities/events

Executive discussed:  Sub-group AGM & hosting a lunch & learn re: Tentative Agreement

  • AGM: Lynn raised that although the by-law indicates 15 months can lapse between AGMs, the by-law also states an AGM must be held each calendar year.  Will confirm when AGM was held last year and get back to Jeremy/Aman to send out a “save the date”
  • Lunch & Learn:  Given that the membership has not raised any concerns with the tentative agreement, the Executive will attempt to hold a lunch & learn before the holidays but there does not seem to be concern from the membership should it be held in January 2024.
  1. Other Items
  • Financially the sub-group has funds in the account to provide lunch/refreshment for a lunch & learn this calendar year
  • Aman has received an email from PIPSC finance re: end of year financial reporting and will begin working on it
  • Lynn will reach out to PIPSC to get an updated Membership list given that PSPC has hired a number of new staff recently