The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

4900 Yonge Street SP Sub Group - Executive Meeting - February 21, 2022

Virtual Meeting

(due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and personal comfort regarding public health measures)


In Attendance:  Lynn Kumita, Jeremy Craigs, Ben Smith 

Sub-Group Executive met to discuss the upcoming subgroup AGM. 

  1. Update on AGM Scheduling – Lynn (President) sent out a “Save the Date” to the membership on February 17th, 2022 for the meeting on March 10th, 2022.  Save the date placeholder identified three Executive positions that are up for election and nominations are now being accepted.  
  1. Developing AGM Agenda – Based on recent information and understanding of the PIPSC By-Laws for Sub-Group allowances resulting in the SP 4900 Yonge Street Sub-Group receiving a lower allowance for the 2021 operating year.  Ben (Treasurer) will include as part of the financial update, the explanation received from PIPSC to explain the situation to the membership.  Discussed adding to the agenda:
    1. Input from the membership for planning some in-person events when the weather is nicer. Want to gauge member’s comfort with meeting indoors as the COVID-19 pandemic continues even if public health measures are reduced. The Executive acknowledges that it may take time for people to adjust and feel comfortable again with in-person and indoor events.
    2. Cross-Departmental Sharing of Training Opportunities and Feedback on Use of Professional Development Leave
    3. Reaching out to the SP Executive:
      1. to get an idea on bargaining timelines and if any planned events to update the membership have been identified
      2. updates on the status of the new Employee Wellness Program
    1. Finalize the AGM Agenda and send to the membership by Thursday February 24th, 2022
    2. Reach out to the SP Executive to find out about any updates on 
    3. bargaining/employee wellness program
    4. Look into any posted updates/information/presentations on the PIPSC website that we can present and/or bring to the attention of the membership