(Translated from French)


SH DND Sub-Group, Quebec Region




  • Opening Remarks
  • Approval of Agenda: Proposed by Karine Régimbald, seconded by Josée Girard.
  • Finance/budget/Sub-Group bank account: deferred to the AGM.
  • Sub-Group AGM:
    • Guest introduction: Denis Caissy and Eric Massey confirmed. Pierre Potvin has not confirmed yet.
    • Reminder to our local members: Send a more specific email to our local colleagues.
    • Permission to use Teams : The teams have discussed or will discuss this with management by next week.
    • Notice of meeting and Agenda
    • Involvement of Sub-Group members in Union committees: Josée will talk about the Region’s different committees and the importance of members' involvement in their union.
    • Draws: 4 x 50$ Renaud-Bray gift cards. Roll call: ask participants to identify themselves (last name, first name and clinic) in the chat room to have a chance to win a door prize. The draw will be done after the AGM.
  • Clinic positions regarding COVID-19: health and safety management, N95 masks, telework, accommodations for family-related needs, code 699 leave, forms to fill, unpaid leave for non-vaccinated persons, etc. : Only the item on reimbursement of family leaves and other leaves that were used when a 699 leave should have been granted in connection with Covid was addressed. There appear to have been few problems with granting leave 699.
  • Telework and Treasury Board: Deferred to next meeting.
  • Round table: Tabled to next meeting.
  • Miscellaneous: None.
  • Adjournment: Moved by Josée Girard, seconded by Renee Lessard.