The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Retired Members Guild - Vancouver Chapter

Annual General Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Great Bear Pub, 5665 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC  V5H 2G4


Executives Present

Raj Utkhede  (President)

Geoff Kendell (member-at-large)

Tom Chang  (Treasurer)

Colin McBride (member-at-large)

Wayne Wynn  (Secretary)

Lyle Reid (member-at-large)


Charlotte Strandlund, National RMG President

Don Burns, National RMG Member for BC

Marie Kereliuk, RMG Fraser Valley Chapter President

Ted Molyneux, PIPSC Vancouver Chapter President

Other Members

12 additional general retired members present (Total attendance: 22)


Action Item


Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 12:25 PM. Introductory remarks by the President. Executive introduced. Noted that Shirley Friesen had resigned from the Executive.


Meeting agenda adopted without changes. (MSC)

Previous minutes

Wayne presented minutes of the AGM held April 26, 2022. Approved. (MSC)


Minute of silence observed in honor of Kal Sahota. (Suggested by Lyle.)


Charlotte Strandlund, National RMG President

  • PIPSC AGM 2023: same venue; 4 days, more training; RMG not to have AGM at same time.
  • RMG AGM 3 days around Oct 17, 18; trying to get all chapter presidents.
  • Membership in RMG has not declined; recruitment recommended; events such as picnics have worked (e.g., in Edmonton); members can reinstate if dues lapsed; include RANDS as some have joined. BC membership is 286.
  • PIPSC HQ has many staff working from home; building may be sold.
  • Some PIPSC RMG members have supported PSAC members on picket lines.
  • Charlotte resigning at end of term due to personal commitments.

Don Burns, National RMG Member for BC

  • Regionally, Fraser Valley RMG had AGM at end of March; elected new president.
  • Nationally, the changes at HQ have had some negative effects. E.g., slow communications, some positions not filled, or have people acting.
  • Service Plus continues to be a financial benefit for members and for PIPSC.
  • Compared to PIPSC travel health insurance, MEDOC has more benefits and fewer exclusions but is more expensive.
  • On recruitment, Don recommends social events. National RMG may contribute.

Marie Kereliuk, RMG Fraser Valley Chapter President

  • Elected end of last March; new to this.
  • Open to joint events with Vancouver Chapter (AGM, social events).

Ted Molyneux, PIPSC Vancouver Chapter President

  • Meetings more difficult to arrange with many members not in the office; also, venues are more expensive.
  • Social events: beach clean-up; movie day in New Westminster; possible tree-planting event.
  • Phoenix issues continue. Suggestion for posting of success stories on PIPSC web site.

Financial Statements

Presented by Tom. Statements accepted (MSC).


Board vacancy due to Shirley’s resignation. Barbara Aweryn nominated, accepted, and acclaimed.

Round Table

Lyle: For RMG members, Canada Life will handle medical claims but dental claims will still be with Sun Life. (Employed members submit both to Canada Life.)

General acceptance of Great Bear Pub as a meeting venue.


Meeting adjourned at 2:25 PM. (MSC)