Retired Members Guild Vancouver Chapter AGM Minutes

Date: Thursday, May 03, 2018

Location: Rogue 601 West Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G1

In attendance: Raj Utkhede (President); Tom Chang (Vice-President); Barbara Aweryn (Treasurer)

Absent: Al Parsons

Guests: Robert MacDonald, BC/Yukon's Regional Director; Don Burns, BC/Yukon Region’s National Guild Representative; Ted Molyneaux, President, Vancouver Branch

1) Call to Order

Retired Members Guild-Vancouver Chapter, Annual General Meeting called to order at 11:50 am. Raj opened with welcome to our Guests and to attending members followed with opening remarks and a check in of the attendees.

The number of attendees including the Executive, Members and Guests, totals seventeen (17).

2) Agenda

Agenda accepted and adopted for the meeting.


3) Last Year’s AGM minutes

  • Minutes of previous year’s AGM, May 17, 2017, distributed by Tom.
  • No Business arose from last year’s minutes.
  • Questions and comments on the minutes asked of the attendees.
  • One small correction in the minutes re: titling, changing “Members Present” to “Executives Present”.
  • With no further questions/corrections, a motion made by Tom to accept the corrected minutes. Motion Tom/seconded by Pat, to accept the corrected 2017 AGM minutes.

Motion Carried

4) Treasurer’s Report

  • The Treasurer’s Report (May 17, 2017 to May 2, 2018), handed out to the members. Details of the report provided by Barbara.
  • The deposit for holding the Rogue’s dining room reported as expense accepted as was paid prior to the May 2nd 2018 report.
  • Motion to accept and approve the Financial Statements moved/seconded Raj/Lyle R.

Motion Carried

5) Elections

  • Two positions up for election, currently held by Tom and Al. No nominations had been mailed in prior to the AGM. First call for nominations to the floor. Tom put his name forward.
  • Second call. Wayne, Colin and Lyle nominated as candidates for the positions.
  • Third call, with no further nominations from the floor.
  • Al did not run for re-election. Consequently Tom, Wayne, Colin and Lyle are acclaimed elected for two year terms (2018-2019)

6) BC/Yukon Region’s National Guild Representative Report - Don Burns

Don gave his report to the assembly.

  • Continuing opposition to bill C-27
  • Advocating for retired members, update of the celebration of PIPSC’s 100th anniversary 2020
  • Benefits of membership in the Retired Members Guild – new PIPSC travel insurance available from Service Plus, as retired PIPSC member can participate in PIPSC’s organization, and can advocate for issues important to your retirement.

7) BC/Yukon's Regional Director Report – Rob MacDonald

Rob MacDonald gave his report to the assembly. Rob reported on:

  • Some PIPSC Groups looking to limit Guild delegates so that Group’s delegates needs precede those of the Guild delegates. The motion would need to pass the By-Law Committee, then by the AGM delegates.
  • Phoenix is a disaster. No assurances Phoenix can ever be fixed. Many grievances, retro issues and no pay/delay of monies owed.
  • New 1,400 members coming into PIPSC from the RCMP civilian staff.
  • Regional Council in Whistler this year.
  • Rates and costs were competitive to rates and costs if held in Vancouver.
  • Rob described how membership/union database is working well.
  • Rob also answered questions/discussions about Phoenix problems, also heard of severance/Phoenix problems.
  • Updates on bill C-27 and PIPSC opposition to it
  • PIPSC 100th anniversary in 2020
  • Rob will follow-up on how to make paying Retired members dues more convenient for example, check-off of union dues from, option to do same with superannuation, bank payee from your bank to PIPSC’s.

8) Ted Molyneaux, President, Vancouver Branch

Ted gave thanks to his predecessor, Karen Hall. Ted stated that Karen organized many events. In particular the movie day meetings that were very well attended.


9) Roundtable

Roundtable of attendees.

Topics raised and discussed are Phoenix system, members who retired last year and this year have provided problems and errors with severance being received on time, some with severance pay being delayed/unpaid up to a year. Discussion on procedures used to resolve Phoenix issues and the class action lawsuit filed in Quebec.

Procedures etc to resolve Phoenix issues examples:

  • talk to pay center,
  • write personal letters to Prime Minister, to the Minister responsible for your Department,
  • talk to PIPSC, your stewards, PIPSC Executives
  • follow-up regularly, by phone, e-mail, etc, ask for status update, etc
  • get name phone# of compensation person for direct contacts

Next AGM

To be determined

Meeting adjourned at 2:10 pm