The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada



Retired Members Guild - Vancouver Chapter

Annual General Meeting Minutes 

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Sfinaki Greek Taverna, 4061 East Hastings St., Burnaby, BC  V5C 2J1


Executives Present

Raj Utkhede  (President)

Geoff Kendell (member-at-large)

Tom Chang  (Vice-President)

Colin McBride (member-at-large)

Wayne Wynn  (Secretary)

Lyle Reid (member-at-large)


Charlotte Strandlund, National RMG President

Don Burns, National RMG Member for BC

Kal Sahota, PIPSC BC-Yukon Regional Director

Other Members

10 additional general retired members present (Total attendance: 19)


Action Item


Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 12:20 PM. Introductory remarks by the President.


Meeting agenda adopted without changes. (MSC)

Previous minutes

Minutes of the AGM held April 30, 2019, presented by Wayne. One amendment suggested by Tom. Minutes approved as amended. (MSC)


Charlotte Strandlund, National RMG President

  • RMG executive wants to know more re what they can do for members
  • Membership lists: Maintenance important. Confidentiality important. There have been issues since any member can request the list. Suggestion to handle via committee.
  • Noted that our dues create a surplus for PIPSC every year.
  • There have been issues with access to BMO bank accounts. Report any issues to PIPSC Finance.
  • Comments on relationship with National Association of Federal Retirees.
  • Part-time Vice-President pay removed by PIPSC Board even though pay approved by 75% at AGM. Ongoing issue.
  • Representation at PIPSC AGM still being fought for. Maybe next year.

[Lunch break 12:35 – 1:15]

Don Burns, National RMG Member for BC

  • More detail on part-time VP pay issue.
  • Note that Service Plus is prime benefit for members and makes money for PIPSC.
  • Full-time VP Sean O’Reilly represents the RMG well on the PIPSC Board.
  • Tom Chang mentioned assistance for professional designations, especially for immigrants. Noted by Don and Charlotte.


Kal Sahota, PIPSC BC-Yukon Regional Director

  • Comments on the roles of RMG members within PIPSC.
  • Positive comments on the new PIPSC Board, particularly with respect to openness and governance processes.
  • Pointed out that the PIPSC Board has legal obligations to the PIPSC organization as well as to the membership.

New member recruitment

Presented by Raj. A number of ideas were suggested by the members and national executives. Chapter executives will follow up.

Financial Statement

Presented by Raj. Tom queried the single annual allotment over three years covered by the statement. No allotment for 2019 or 2020. Statement accepted (MSC).


Full slate of seven positions open. Eight raised their hands; one then withdrew. Positions to be determined at next executive meeting. Executive members: Tom Chang, Shirley Friesen, Geoff Kendell, Colin McBride, Lyle Reid, Raj Utkhede, Wayne Wynn.

Round Table

Some discussion about meeting formats (in-person, over Zoom, hybrid). In-person favoured.


Meeting adjourned at 2:40 PM. (MSC