Retired members Guild AGM Smitty’s Lacewood Drive

In attendance were:
Rick Sanschagrin     President            
Noel White    Treasurer     
Don Eldershaw    Secretary & Communications
Don McDade RMG Member
Anne Sheridan RMG Member
Meeting held at Smitty’s Lacewood 12:00 pm

Old Business - Action
Updated members list required.    - NFA
A number of action items form the previous meeting are still unresolved. These items are forwarded to next Executive meeting in 2017 - Items 1 through 6

New Business - Action
Treasurer's report presented. Noel to prepare budget for 2017 - Noel White
AGM tentatively scheduled for Jan. 12th. 2017. Time and place to be determined. - Don Eldershaw
Pat Kinnear to be invited to the AGM - Rick Sanschagrin
The group discussed possible changes to RGM pension under proposed government bill C-27. Clarification as to effects on the RMG are needed. Request to be sent to RMG National Exec. - Don Eldershaw
Constitution copies to be sent to Anne and Noel    - Don Eldershaw
Decision on adopting of a new Chapter constitution to be made. - AGM in February

1. Chapters position on ARC membership. Ongoing investigation. Ongoing. No reply yet from Ottawa - Rick Sanschagrin
2. Guest speakers at meetings in the new year. Example tax information, medical, local MP - Don Eldershaw
3. Postal services supplied by Ottawa. Do they cover costs? Ongoing. No reply yet from Ottawa - Rick Sanschagrin
4. Contact with other retirement groups seeking advantages of membership. Forward to next Exec meeting - Brian Wolfe
5. Letter to area groups seeking to present to them a review of the RMG    - Don Eldershaw
6. Membership: Request to be made for official membership on Branch and Group executives as an official RMG membership representative. Representative to be selected by the NS Chapter. Ongoing. No reply yet from Ottawa - Forward to next meeting Rick Sanschagrin

Meeting ended at 3:00 Next meeting AGM Jan. 12th. 2017. 1:00 PM at Micmac Grill