Retired Members Guild Nova Scotia Chapter Executive Meeting

May 10, 2023



Gary Legassie, President; Don Eldershaw, Vice President; Noel White,Treasurer; Anne Sheridan, Secretary; Brian Wolfe, Member at Large; Michael Forbes, Member at Large; Corinne Steele, Member at Large; Everett Scott, Member at Large; Jocelyne Hellou, Member at Large



President called the meeting to order at  12:20 PM and welcomed everyone. A new RMG attendee, Jocelyne Hellou, was introduced and welcomed by the President. Joycelyn has agreed to serve as a Member at Large in our Chapter.



Agenda adopted by show of hands.



Motion to approve the minutes of the January 12 2023 meeting, adopted.



  1. Review of minutes: PIPSC RMGNS Chapter Minutes January 12, 2023
  2. Mike Forbes provided a list of PIPSC RMG Chapter Presidents as outlined on the PIPSC website.
  3. Carry forward for our next meeting - Gary Legassie to extend an invitation to the Atlantic Regional Director to attend our meeting.
  4. Everett Scott suggested a comedy night as an event RMGNS members could attend. Everett will research other possible events.
  5. Gary provided a document detailing the file standardization for meeting minutes (attached with email).



1. President’s Report: PIPSC needs to be shown the value RMG members provide to the union.

2. Treasurer’s Report: Noel White presented an overview of the chapter finances. From November 1 2022 - April 30 2023. Interest earned in our BMO account: $35.94. Meeting expenses were: $441.76, with a Balance of $1468.26 remaining in our account. After expensing the cost for today’s meeting a rough estimate of $1100.00 remains in the account. The motion to accept the report was approved.



  1. Don Eldershaw provided a brief update on the Public Service Health Care Plan change over from Sun Life to Canada Life. There is a FAQ section on the PIPSC website:
  2. Prepare and submit a letter requesting a meeting of all PIPSC RMG Presidents to discuss the value of RMG to PIPSC and items of interest to our members moving forward. Brian Wolfe has provided a document on the progress of the cost benefit analysis of our group to PIPSC. Not enough PIPSC resources. Action: Gary Legassie
  3. Jocelyne Hellou talked about the Seniors College Association of NS that may interest members on furthering education and social activity, website:
  4. Don Eldershaw detailed a contest put on by the PIPSC RMG National Executive. Any new or renewing members will be entered in a draw for a chance to win an iPad. 


  1. Don Eldershaw may not be able to sit as Vice President of the RMG NS Chapter if bylaws are changed at the National level; he currently holds the position as Regional Executive Officer  (REO) for the Atlantic.
  2. Noel White noted the financials must be approved by vote and  sent to National by November.
  3. Discussion of items for door prize draws at RMGNS AGM.


NEXT MEETING DATE:  Executive September 14th 12:30 PM