The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

N. S. CHAPTER 22 November 2018


Retired members Guild AGM year ending 2017

In attendance were:

Rick Sanschagrin: President
Noel White: Treasurer
Don Eldershaw: Secretary/Communications (Atlantic Regional Representative)
Anne Sheridan: member at large
Brian Wolfe, Don McDade, Gary Legassie, Tony Purchase


-The meeting started 5:00 PM

  • Call to Order and Welcome 
  • Approval of 2017 AGM Minutes: Moved by Noel White, second Don Eldershaw. Carried
  • Chapter President’s Report: See page 2
  • Treasurer’s Report: Moved by Noel White, Second Gary Legassie. Carried

6:30 – 7:00

  • Action Item: Noel White to contact skating rinks with a view to renting for a family skate. (estimated cost $600)
  • Don Eldershaw to invite DND Branch and Halifax Branch to participate in cost sharing of skating event.
  • Elections 
    • President (2 years)  Vice President to chair until new president can be confirmed
    • Rick Sanschagrin was thanked for his 10 plus years as president of the Chapter

7:00 - 7:30 Questions and Answers


Tony Purchase and Don Eldershaw presented highlights of the PIPSC and RMG Annual meetings.

Don Eldershaw distributed booklet from the Canadian Labour Congress on the Pharmacare initiative and spoke on some of the presentations of the National Executive RMG meeting held in Oct.

Members discussed ways and means to encourage member participation

7:30 Awarding of Door Prize and Adjournment

Next meeting will be an executive meeting in January of the New Year

Presidents Report
AGM 2018
RMG Nova Scotia Chapter

November 22, 2018

My report this year will be short. This is simply that besides chairing executive and general meetings, my input into activities has been low key to say the least.

The Chapter has been involved in the National campaign to stop the Federal Government’s attempt to implement changes to the pension plan; successful for the time being.

Members maintained contact with various other groups/organizations. Some discussion and initial steps have been taken to increase visibility of the Chapter and to increase participation.

What is needed now are steps to increase our vision in order to have the Chapters involvement in union activities.


It is not my intent to run for president for another term. It is time for new blood and ideas to take the helm.


Rick Sanschagrin