PIPSC Retired Members Guild, NS; Minutes - Executive Meeting - Jan. 24, 2019

Strategic Planning Session

In attendance: Gary LeGassie President, Noel White Treasurer, Anne Sheridan Member at Large, Don Eldershaw Secretary & Communications, Brian Wolfe Member at Large, Guest: Pat Morris

Meeting held at Smitty’s Main St. Dartmouth 12:30 pm

No agenda as the purpose of the meeting was mainly to confirm Gary LeGassie as the president of the Nova Scotia Chapter. Gary was nominated at the Chapter AGM but reserved his acceptance so as to consider if he wished to accept the nomination. There were no other nominees for the position.

Gary presented his outline on how the Chapter should proceed for the year 2019.

Financial report: Noel presented the financial report. Current finances are in good standing.

Action Items:

A president’s plan for the year ahead.

1. Minutes of meetings will normally have a 7 day turn around period of 7 days to produce the final document for posting to the PIPSC web site in order to keep members and all other interested parties up to date on Chapter activities.

2. Minutes of the previous year to be sent to the president.

3. The president email address will be garylegassie@pipsc.ca . I will be using the old email address in conjunction with my PIPSC email address until I get the other one up and running for email lists, etc.

4. Pension reform. Brian Wolfe to investigate the current and future plans for retirees.

5. Members to be contacted in the near future by the president to promote participation and to keep them apprised of RMG activities.

6. Our past president (Rick Sanschagrin) will be invited to all chapter meetings for the foreseeable future to preserve and capture chapter memory.

7. Contact PIPSC Ottawa for update on pension reform and focus on engaging RMG members.

8. Fix the accuracy of our part of the PIPSC website if necessary and establish communications standards for PIPSC related email and minutes.

B Noel White to continue attempts to book a skating rink for a joint activity with the DND and Halifax branches. Joint ventures will allow the RMG to promote and encourage membership.

C Don to contact the Regional Office of PIPSC regarding notices to members on activities (seasonal events) and communicate same to our members on a timely basis.

D Brian spoke on the Defined Pension Plan and suggested we have a speaker from Ottawa at a future meeting of the local PIPSC branches to educate them on possible changes to their pension plans and encourage those about to retire to maintain contact through the RMG.

E We need to find out if various departments are planning or do supply pre-retirement workshops.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 PM. Next meeting 1:30 pm on May 2 at Smitty’s Lacewood Drive

NOTE: Gary requests a change to May 9, 2019, due to schedule conflict.