Annual General Meeting

N. S. CHAPTER 30 November 2017

Retired members Guild AGM year ending 2017

In attendance were:

Rick Sanschagrin President

Noel White Treasurer

Brian Wolfe Member at large

Anne Sheridan  Member

Don McDade Member

Corinne Steele Member

Donna Pyne Member

Don Eldershaw  Secretary/Communications

-The meeting started 5:00 PM



Acceptance of minutes of the previous AGM


Business arising from previous AGM


Presidents report (R. Sanschagrin) report attached to


Treasurer's report. Budget for 2018 approved. Budget for 2018 to be submitted to RMG Ottawa.

Don Eldershaw


New Business


Reports from the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and


Adoption of the recommended Chapter Constitution.

Don Eldershaw to notify PIPSC in Ottawa.

Guest speakers: Invitations to guest speakers. EG health care, Financial planning

Rick Sanschagrin

Elections –
President – Acclaimed
Vice President – Don Eldershaw – Acclaimed

Treasurer- Noel White – Acclaimed

Secretary/Communications - Don Eldershaw – Acclaimed

Member at Large – Anne Sheridan – Acclaimed*

* Anne will be assisted by Brian Wolfe who will be tasked with monitoring current events.

Suggested social event to encourage member involvement. Example - skating party for members and families.

Noel White

Future members. Contact to be made with groups and Branches asking them to ensure persons about to retire are presented with RMG material and have their names forwarded to the NS Chapter of RMG.

Don Eldershaw

Discussion on Phoenix pay system and what measures the RMG can take to assist. Members encouraged to add their concerns through the PIPSC site at:

All members

Remainder of meeting spent in discussing items related to Pensions. Stop C27 mail cards distributed.

All members


NFA – no further action

Meeting adjourned at 7:20 PM

Next meeting:  Executive - Site and date to be determined

Presidents Report Annual General Meeting 2017
N.S. Chapter RMG PIPSC

I will keep this brief.

First, congratulations to Don Eldershaw in his election to the position
of Atlantic Representative RMG PIPSC.  Well done!!!

This year’s AGM breaks with our tradition for well over 10 years.
Normally we have had our AGM just after December 30 so that all the years’
accounts are in. Circumstances have required that the AGM for this year
occurs before the end of our fiscal year. Therefore some amendments may
be necessary early in January 2018.

This year (2017) has been fairly quiet, with the exception of some
response to the proposed pension plan (Bill C27) calling for targeted
pensions and the election of Don Eldershaw as the Atlantic Regional Rep.
for RMG. We also had a guest speaker from the NAFR at one of our general
meetings to fill us in on their activities in particular regarding
I am more concerned with what will be happening this coming year.
Although C27 is under scrutiny by the Ethics Commissioner,
continued monitoring will be required. With this so will contact with
Bringing in guest speakers from a variety of sources was passed at our
last executive meeting.  This should be followed up. I still have to
look into someone in the health area to bring in.
With a member now on the national exec we should be able to have a better
access to information regarding our liaison with PIPSC activities; i.e., how
we can better support them.
Looking forward to the upcoming year
Rick Sanschagrin
NS Chapter