The NCR chapter of the Retired Members Guild hosts this seminar series for the education of its members.

RMG Seminar Choices:  Topics, Timing, and Language Preferences

Please take a couple of minutes in the next week to scan the attached survey to tell us your preferences for seminar topics (choose as many as you would like), your thoughts on a new timing choice, and if you would come to seminars in French.

Please respond to  ncr.rmg.seminars@gmail.com with topic numbers and choice of language, timing choice numbers and your preferences. Include additional information on topics you would like to see. Tell us if you could volunteer to help with seminars - what role you would like to play? – could you give us a seminar? Members without email are welcome to phone Mary Jane Kelleher and leave a message at 613 224-2692 or reply by post c/o Marielle Nadon, PIPSC, 250 Tremblay Road, Ottawa K1G 3J8.

The seminar committee thanks you, in advance!

Language choice (E or F) Topic number Topic



Healthy Mind and Body –  exercises and brain health maintenance



Taking Charge of your health – questions to ask about the pharmeceuticals you take – the new emphasis on medication review and de-prescribing



Taking Charge of your Future  – looking for a new home as we age – what will be right for you?



Taking Charge of your Food:  Cooking for seniors



Travel Seminar (repeat from last year)  – meet with a travel insurance expert, and tips and tricks for saving your travel dollar



Tax Seminar (repeat from last year) – tips and tricks on keeping your money from the tax man legally.



Benefits for Federal Government Pensioners (repeat from two years ago) – a session with a PIPSC expert on your health, dental, and death benefits



Fraud Protection for Seniors - Certified Professional Accountant Financial literacy session or Ontario Provincial Police (same topic as this year, different speaker)



What other topic would you like? Have you speaker suggestions?

Time of Future Seminars

Indicate “yes” if you would you attend seminars the following times

Indicate “preferred” if you have a preference for a certain timing

Would you come?

Choice number




fall winter weekday evenings starting 6 or 6:30



spring/ summer weekday evenings



fall / winter Saturday 10-12 with a light lunch to follow



spring/ summer Saturday 10-12 with a light lunch to follow