Retired Members Guild

Executive Meeting 

March 17, 2022



PRESENT: Charlotte Strandlund, President, Prairie/N.W.T.

Terry Sing, VP, NCR

                          Ricard Rice, Treasurer, NCR
                          Lynn Morris, Secretary, NCR
                          Michael A. Forbes, Ontario

Don Burns, BC/Yukon

Don Eldershaw, Atlantic



President Charlotte called the meeting to order and stated it was so nice to see everyone in person.


ADOPTION OF AGENDA:  Carried with addition to 6.5 – RMG/PIPSC AGM


ADOPTION OF MINUTES:  Approved and carried 



No representative from Quebec yet – possibly after PIPSC elections



Richard is just waiting for access instructions for PIPSC new BMO system. 



RMG Elections – Election Committee - Lynn & Charlotte – approved.  First meeting 18th to set dates

Action Item:  Lynn to send dates to Marielle and get appropriate documents updated


Quebec Regional Rep -.  Charlotte to write a letter and have posted an Expression of Interest for someone from Quebec to serve on the Executive.  All in agreement 



Sean O’Reilly is the RMG appointed liaison – he will attempt to make as many meetings as possible

PIPSC New Administration and RMG Resource – according to Sean so far Marielle is still our assigned resource., but may be replaced


ACTION ITEM:  Lynn to send Sean our meeting dates


Concur – centralized shop/group for Concur issues.  Any problems, go to Concur rep, he will get back to you in 1 day 


Member Retention – possibly lost Member’s during Covid. Need to take measures to get them back and any newly retired members. 

New Member Services Representative – Alain Daoust. 


ACTION ITEM: Richard to update our Brochure.  To be sent to all RMG Members with letter from Jenn Carr     

                          All – send ideas to Charlotte on what RMG’s can do for the Institute


RMG/PIPSC AGM in Montreal at the Sheraton Centre:

Julie Gagnon to retire April 1st but will be assisting with the AGM

Motion:  To purchase a Gift Card for Julie – carried     Terry to pick up 

Core executive though we should wait to 2023 to bring Chapter Presidents in as it will be in Ottawa.  Lively discussion  

Motion:  Wait until 2023 to brin in Chapter Presidents - carried

Discussion on Visibility Items – Richard has some in his garage. Discussed Flashlights, Hand Sanitizers


Membership – 

ACTION ITEM:  Charlotte to ask Alain Daoust for RMG Members list as well as those Members who have not renewed, for all Chapters/Regions



Charlotte – to go to Vancouver Chapter AGM in Burnaby April 26.  To be confirmed with Chapter president – 2-3 day trip -  approved

Don E – can REO’s purchase Visibility/Promotional Items for Chapter AGM’s?  Yes, with your allowance

Don B – Regional Directors and Chapter Presidents get together was a success

Terry – a couple of Chapters looking feeble - BC/Fraser Valley & Victoria – do they need help?


ACTION Item:  Lynn to send Marielle minutes for translation and posting and 2019 AGM Minutes


June 8 & 9 – PIPSC HQ