JANUARY 17, 2019

1.CALL TO ORDER: In attendance – Terry Sing, Charlotte Strandlund, Richard Rice, Don Eldershaw, Michael Forbes, Lynn Morris, Luc Carrière, Don Burns

2.Moment of Silence in memory of Public Servant victims of the bush crash and all members who are no longer with us.

3.Introductions : Welcome to the two newly elected members of the executive

4.Agenda Approved with amendments

5.Election of Officers: Executive positions maintained as previous.

6.Minutes of the last meeting: Action items were reviewed.

7.New Business

a.Motion presented to restructure Vision Committee and rename it as Executive Steering Committee passed.

b.Presidents: report
c.Financial report presented, moved and accepted. Details available on request
d.REO reports available on request to REO’s.
e.Bylaws updates
f.Meeting schedule year 2019 (Terry Sing)
g.Financial – additional information to be presented at next meeting.
h.Financing of Chapters (Don Eldershaw) closed
i.Changes to dental plan – As it stands, PIPSC has not been afforded the right to negotiate on behalf of the pensioner dental plan. The National Association of Federal Retirees will be advocating on behalf of retiree interests with the employer and will be looking into this matter further. closed
j.Recrutement (Luc Carrière) More discussion needed.
k.CURC affiliation  (Luc Carrière) closed
l.Election analysis and suggestions (Richard Rice) closed
m.Coordinated promotion of RMG 20th and PIPSC 100th anniversary (Richard Rice) – logos, promotional items, etc.
n.Role of NCR as host chapter for 20th RMG anniversary and regional engagement (Richard Rice). Monies have been set aside to NCR Chapter for costs related to 20th. Anniversary.
o.Funding to chapters (Don Eldershaw) all chapters but Vancouver up to date. REO expenses to be issued by check. closed
p.Discussions were held on the value of the hospitality suite or an alternative. This item tabled until the next meeting (planning meeting)
q.Meeting schedule – Moved that we reinstate 5 meetings per year. Carried. New dates for the remainder of 2019 Mar. 13/14, Jun. 12/13, Sept. 18/19, Nov.07
r.Notice of federal election and need to involve members.

1.Action Items:

a. Contact PIPSC to remove NAFR link from the RMG website. Action Terry
b. Insurance comparison – only available in French. Article to be sent to Marielle for translation. Action Charlotte. Item to be addressed at the next meeting.
c. Request PIPSC give the RMG a mandate to tackle issues that affect seniors. Terry More discussion needed.
d. Bylaw changes to be communicated to PIPSC bylaw committee. Action Don E.
e. It was suggested that the RMG request the PIPSC election committee handle our elections. Don Burns spoke against it and presented his suggestions on handling future elections. Moved by Don B that election committee prepare guidelines for future elections. Second Charlotte. Passed. Action Don B to prepare letter for Quebec Chapter explaining what went wrong and the proposed changes. Pass this to Luc for translation and action.
f. Prepare a set of guidelines for starting a Chapter. Action Charlotte and Lynn
g. Presidents edited and translated for sending to membership. Action: Terry
h. REO’s to send list of Chapter AGM dates to Don E. Action: All REO’s
i. Newsletter Contact Pat Kinnear Action: Terry
j. Request for special funding for 20th. Anniversary. Action: Terry

2.Round Table

a. Charlotte gave an outline of her upcoming activities. Group requested copies of her presentation to prospective retirees. What’s happening with C27. May be resurrected in another form.
b. Don Eldershaw hopes to acquire a seat with the Atlantic Regional Executive. Questioned PIPSC position on Pharmacare. Some recent retirees are having problems due to PHOENIX.
c. Terry pointed out new PIPSC organizational chart.

3.Next meetings:

Executive Planning (all executive) March 13
Regular executive meeting March 14




Presidents Report November 1, 2018 – January 16, 2019


The end of the year seems to have less busy than at other times, it is probably the lull before the storm. I have managed to keep myself busy during this period & some of my activities & meetings include: C-27; 100th Anniversary; Working Group on Bargaining [WG/BARG]; Advisory Committee [AC]; RMG Ottawa chapter; National Association of Federal Retirees [NAFR also called Federal Retirees]; PIPSC Board of Director meetings; Council On Aging [COA]; Congress of Union Retirees of Canada [CURC, the retirees of the Canadian Labor Congress (CLC).


The PIPSC elections provided some surprises & we lost one of our really strong supporters to the “slings & arrows of outrages fortune”. It remains to be seen whether the new Board of Directors [BOD] will be fully functional – we can but hope. The closing of GM in Oshawa was a blow to labor, Oshawa & may have effects on the upcoming elections. The upcoming federal elections shall soon take over everyone’s attention & we can expect a request to meet with candidates, ask questions, & knock on doors.

Two outstanding issues are the difficulties with our elections & some difficulties with the issuing of finances to Chapters. I had assured Quebec that we would investigate & provide a report on the problems that occurred with the last election & how we will avoid the issues in future [Don Burns}. For some unknown reason, the PIPSC finance section decided to question our issuing money to our Chapters & reimbursing REO’s expenses. As several of you have suggested, perhaps we’ll just go back to writing checks for the expenses. Asking


MINISTER PHILOMENA TASSI: I had the pleasure of meeting with Senior’s Minister Philomena Tassi at a town hall on Nov 26. I think she will be a positive influence for seniors. In speaking with her, she seemed well aware of the key issues facing seniors however she is still getting cross country input but we can expect to hear more from her.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING: an Ottawa grassroots movement organized a conference called, “My Place to Age”. It addressed the high cost of retirement homes for people earning between $40,000 & $75,000. This 1 day conference was quite successful but the final report isn’t ready.

C-27: we do not expect to hear anymore about C-27 until after the 2019 elections are over.

100th & RMG 20th ANNIVERSARY: plans are progressing for the 100th ANN launch at the 2019 AGM in November 2019. The VISION committee will be addressing the RMG 20th Anniversary.

VISIBILITY activities include:
INTERNALLY – present at the Board of Director meetings [2 days/quarter]; attending the working Group on Bargaining & the Advisory Committee [2 days/quarter]; attending networking events; branch treasurer & a busy member of the Ottawa RMG chapter. EXTERNALLY – an active member of NAFR, COA, & the CURC while participating in other outside activities.

ISSUES include: 1 declining membership; 2 AGEISM; 3 Chapter activities; 4 Chapter membership participation; 5 AGM attendance for Chapter Presidents; 6 VISION committee; 7 RMG recognition; 8 PHARMACARE is the other issue of the day for CLC; 9 better communication.

PIPSC: the first meeting of the new PIPSC Board is Jan 18-19 [hope for the best – plan for less]; there has been some reorganization of PIPSC ERO services [see reorg chart]

PHOENIX [PeopleSoft/IBM]: the replacement field is down to 5 [Ceridian, CGI group, Oracle, SAP, & Workday] meanwhile repairs are still underway for the [Failing PHOENIX system. The number of outstanding errors is slowly being reduced.

The RMG has challenges ahead & if we are to not only survive but thrive, it will take effort on our part to prove to the members – past, present, & future – that we have something to offer. Not only must we gain acceptance from the working PIPSC members but we must convince our retirees that they should remain with us.. We must convince them that the RMG has something of value to offer. Our work is cut out for us.


Vision committee highlights

Post mortem of 2018 AGM
Review the approach, discussion and topics
Look at chance for improvement
Vision committee
Recommend that 4 chairs, re-examine the focus vision committee – will need to review name, vision and create terms of reference
By- Laws
8.10 & 8.10 approved at 2018 AGM and must be sent to Board
9.1.2 Was removed and not addressed at the AGM 2018 as RMG cannot dictate to mother PIPSC – postpone this again for review after the 2020 AGM 100th and also the 20th Anniversary so look at this in 2021

Memberships and Retention of Members

Discussion as to what to do in future – numbers are down
List of members must be requested
Recommendation: Election committee – turn over the running of the election to mother PIPSC, have an overseer from RMG
Please check that your application and bio has been received when you submit
1 in NCR, Atlantic, BC Yukon and Ontario
1 Prairies, Quebec

PIPSC National Election

  • recognize executive elected

100th Anniversary

Lucienne gave an overview

  • launch 2019 planning has been done
  • e-store will be loaded for various options – pin,
  • the 100th Anniversary logo is already on the PIPSC website
  •  at the launch will look into recognizing the 1919 Strike and the CS 50th anniversary
  • 2020 AGM and Feb 6th planning meeting is scheduled for March 2019
  • book delayed from launch to hopefully Feb 6th
  • at the AGM 2020 – scholarships, life member

20th RMG

  • In 2020
  • can offer suggestions from the 100th Committee – 100th would like to recognize

Talk to Neil Harden or John White for input for the 1919 Winnipeg Strike


NFAR link on PIPSC website has still not been removed
Membership Dues
Request PIPSC to send an email for those that did not pay – is this possible
You can renew anytime and no requirement to pay past years where you did not pay
Remind people at presentations etc.
Communication - Newsletter
Communication needs to be addressed – look for someone
Newsletter – anyone interested - Pat Kinnear
President report – executive committee, 2nd revision modified to send out to all chapter president and secretary and then all membership, and website
Pre-retirement courses

Came from the Sept 2018 meeting

New Chapter Handbook - Guide Book (Charlotte and Lynn)
Create a book for guidance
Start-up how do you do things
Start up a chapter – is 4-5 members too low – set a minimum

Seniors issues –

  • What are seniors issues that the union should be addressing
  • OAS Security

Set up a committee to look at this issue

  • ex. Work in Canada for 10 years and then people go back to old country and collect and they do not live in the country – how many countries are out there

Right to vote – after 5 years revised recently

  • Dental plan, improvements to the plan (Joint Council) – been told by the upper executive that there is not enough of us to make it worth their while – the retired members pay for dental – and the regular members do not pay for it
  • Guaranteed Income Supplement – what are the conditions?
  • Housing, accommodations – poverty

New Business

  • Minister of Seniors – Filomena Tassi – contact by the Guild with the Minister - Nov 26th 2018 town hall meeting – Terry met her – maybe she can speak at the Nov 2019 AGM
  • Meeting dates

Restoring as to bylaws 6.3 - Go back to 5 meetings a year

  • Elections Federal 2019

3 by elections (Burnaby, Quebec, Ontario)
In October federal election
NFAR – meet the Minister Day in February
CLC – will have a lobbying day in February