Retired Members Guild - 2018 National Election Results

POSITION: Quebec Regional Representative


  • Luc Carriere — Elected
  • Richard East

POSITION: Two NCR Regional Representatives


  • Margaret Bigras
  • Lynn Morris — Elected
  • Richard Rice — Elected
  • Allan Schusterman

POSITION: Prairies/NWT Regional Representative


  • Charlotte Strandlund — acclaimed

In the election for the NCR positions there was a tie for the 2nd position between Margaret Bigras and Lynn Morris. As per PIPSC policy the tie was resolved by a flip of a coin at the Guild Executive meeting Nov. 1, 2018.

Ballots Issued NCR 863 Ballots returned 85 Ballots spoiled 1 (10% returned)

Ballots Issued Que 260 Ballots returned 46 Ballots spoiled 0 (18% returned)

The RMG Elections Committee would like to congratulate the successful candidates and thank everyone who participated in this election.

Issued on Authority of the RMG Elections Committee: Don Burns (Chair) and Michael Forbes