CANMET SE – Sub Group Executive Meeting Minutes

Date & Time:             Wednesday 24 Jan 2024, 17:30 hrs

Venue:                       1034, King St West, Hamilton

Attendees:                 Jidong Kang, Babak Shalchi Amirkhiz, and Kumar Sadayappan                   


  • The meeting was called by the President J. Kang to discuss following items:
    • Lunch and Learn on the recent RES Collective agreement; Dr. Kang will approach the President of RES Group to deliver a lecture at the event.
    • Planning for the summer events – Both Canada Day BBQ and another group lunch were discussed. However, the support for BBQ needs to be confirmed only after discussion with other Unions including PSAC.
    • Plan for a PIPSC discussion with the new Director General to discuss issues including RES recruitment, career progression and HR.
  • The meeting ended at 19:00 PM