Wednesday, January 2, 2019

According to RE bylaw 8.4, each region defined in the By-Laws of the Institute and each component group within the RE Group shall be represented on the Executive by a minimum of one (1) elected member.

At the close of nomination on December 7, 2018, the Research Group Election Committee 2018 had received 14 valid nominations. There were no nominations of candidates from two regions so two positions from those regions will be filled by the incoming executive.

Dounia Hamoutene as the only nominee from the Atlantic Region is ACCLAIMED.

Therefore, an election with 13 candidates for 10 positions to be filled has been held and closed on December 7, at 4 PM, Ottawa time.

After the vote counting, the Election Committee congratulates the following elected candidates, and thanks all those who participated:  


ATLANTIC - Dounia Hamoutene (SE) - ACCLAIMED

QUÉBEC - VACANT – to be appointed by the new executive.

NCR - Ed Chen (MA), Kathleen Emberson (MA), Eric Hortop (MA), Emily MacDonald (HR), John MacFarlane (HR), Matthew MacLeod (DS).

ONTARIO - Mehran Alaee (SE), Andrew Billyard (DS)

PRAIRIES - John Fowler (DS), Ross Tallman (SE)

BC / YUKON - Vacant – to be appointed by the new executive.

Their two-year term will begin on the day of the RE Annual General Meeting to be held in May or June 2019.


The Research Group Election Committee 2018

Humayoun Akhtar, Christine Barrass, Peter Hoyt, Tom Ollevier and Khalid Rashid