The RE bargaining team signed a tentative agreement with the Treasury Board Secretariat. This agreement must now be ratified by the Research Group membership.

After intense negotiations, the Research Group bargaining team is pleased to announce that we signed a tentative agreement with the Treasury Board Secretariat, concluding this round of bargaining.

The agreement includes the major wins for Research Group members:

  • 12.5% wage increase over four years (compounded to 13.14%)
  • $2,500 one-time lump sum payment 
  • Classification specific adjustments to HR-02 and DS-04
  • Commitment to initiate discussions on supporting research continuity for researchers during parental leave
  • Improved access to Domestic Violence Leave
  • Addition of bereavement leave for stillbirth 
  • A new Letter of Agreement on telework 
  • Addition of opportunities for language training as professional development 


This is a 4-year deal, starting October 1, 2022, and ending September 30, 2026.


Our goal was to come away from the bargaining session with an economic increase that would at the very least match inflation. While we did not achieve that, we pushed TB as far as they would go.


% Increase

Total % increase

Total % increase


October 1, 2022 (Economic Increase)




October 1, 2022 (Wage Adjustment)




October 1, 2023 (Economic Increase)




October 1, 2023 (Pay Line Adjustment)




October 1, 2024  (Economic Increase)




October 1, 2024 (Wage Adjustment)




October 1, 2025 (Economic Increase




In addition, a $2500 one-time non-pensionable lump sum allowance will be paid to all employees in the RE Group on the date of signing of the collective agreement.

Defence Scientist (DS)

  • Compression of the DS-04 pay grid from 13 to 11 steps
    • The minimum and maximum salary remain the same but the steps are wider

Historical Research (HR)

  • Addition of a 5th step at the HR-02 level
  • Employees who have been at Step 4 for at least twelve (12) months will move to the new maximum Step 5, which represents a 3% increase from the existing maximum


Attempts have been made in the past number of rounds of bargaining to get remote work language in the collective agreement to no avail due to management’s steadfast refusal to even entertain a discussion around remote work. This round has seen some movement.

While the language we have obtained is still technically not in the collective agreement, it is a significant step in providing some protection against the employer making changes based on a whim.

We have secured a letter of agreement with the employer which indicates that remote work is voluntary, can be requested by the employee, and that decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. Should a remote work request be refused, the refusal must be provided in writing.

In addition, whereas previously the decision of the employer was final, with no recourse, the letter also establishes a separate grievance process that includes a joint employer/PIPSC panel which will review grievances that have reached the final step of this process. 

Finally, management has agreed to establish a Joint consultation committee for the review of the Employer’s Return to Office Directive, Co-Chaired with equal representation. This committee will meet within 90 days of signing and complete work within one year. 


Professional Development

  • Article 19.03(b)(vi) - Upon request, an employee who is denied professional development will be provided with the reason for refusal in writing. 
  • Article 19.03(b)(i)(C) - Employees have the additional opportunity to participate in language workshops, or courses or immersion programs to attain, improve and/or maintain their language competencies. 

Research Continuity 

  • A commitment from the Treasury Board to support the RE Group in presenting the matter of research continuity for employees on maternity and/or parental leave to the Joint Institute/Treasury Board Career Development Committee (Article 19.06).
  • The purpose of this consultation is to collaboratively share best practices aimed at fostering researchers’ sustained contribution and connection to their research programs and promoting the career development of Research (RE) employees. The parties agree to maintain the topic of research continuity on the committee’s agenda until this consultation is completed.


Our goal in this area was to improve your work-life balance through improvement in areas such as flexible work hours, the right to disconnect, and premiums for certain situations. Here are some of the improvements in this area:

  • Part-Time Employees
    • Article 40.05 - The premium part-time employees receive in pay for the designated holidays has been increased from 4.25% to 4.6%
    • New language to provide for an increase of 0.38% in the event an additional designated holiday is proclaimed by Parliament
  • Flexible Hours of Work 
    • Article 8.03 - At the request of the employee and concurrence of the Employer, an employee may work flexible hours so long as daily hours amount to seven decimal five (7.5). These hours may be non-consecutive.
  • Field or Sea Research Work 
    • Article 23 - increased field or sea research allowance to $400 for every fifteen (15) days that an employee completes field or sea research work.
  • Right to Disconnect
    • The Employer will consult with the Institute after changes to the Canada Labour Code come into force and will collaboratively generate a new policy.


Time off is vitally important. It has an impact not only on our physical health but also on our mental and emotional health as well. We have achieved some important gains in this area:

  • Article 14.09 - Reduced the number of nights away from your residence in a fiscal year required to be eligible for one (1) additional day of leave from forty (40) to twenty (20) nights. 
  • The National Day of Truth and Reconciliation has been added to the list of designated holidays. 
  • NEW Article - Leave for Indigenous Cultural Practices - 5 days leave (2 paid, 3 unpaid) may be taken for participating in Indigenous Cultural Practices.


Since 2020, it has become exceedingly clear that mental health is vitally important in the day-to-day lives of our members. There are numerous ways that we are attempting to improve the ways in which the collective agreement will provide mental health support for our members.

  • Bereavement Leave (Article 18.02)
    • 18.02(d) - aunt and uncle have been added to those family members for which you are entitled to 1 day of bereavement leave.
    • NEW Article 18.02(e)  - 3 days of bereavement leave for stillbirth has been added.
  • Family Related Responsibility Leave (Article 18.15) 
    • NEW Article 18.15(b)(vi.) - to visit a family member who, due to an incurable terminal illness, is nearing the end of their life.
    • 18.15(vii.)
      • Increases the number of hours which may be used under this clause for  financial, legal or professional appointments to 15 hours from 7.5.
  • Domestic Violence leave (Article 18.21)
    • Expanded to include abuse or neglect experienced from a family member
    • Acceptance of a signed statement now meets the requirements for leave

This agreement must now be ratified by the RE Group membership. Regular members in good standing will receive the voting instructions by email. Ensure your contact information is up to date so that you can participate in the vote.

Full details of the agreement will be provided in a ratification package, which will be posted to our RE Group web page shortly. Your bargaining team will also host webinars to discuss the details of this tentative agreement before the vote.

Voting dates will be announced soon. Keep an eye on your email for updates!