RE Group - John Fowler

I have had the pleasure of serving you as a member of the RE National Executive for approximately fifteen years of the twenty that I have spent working as a Defence Scientist and PIPSC steward. Working with other members of the Executive over this time I believe that I have gained a good understanding of the challenges faced by each of the constituent sub-groups.

The union’s primary responsibilities are to act as a bargaining agent for its members and to ensure their rights are respected under the negotiated collective agreement. I am proud to have been involved with the executive that brought the scientific integrity clause to our collective agreement and remain committed to ensuring its full implementation.  I believe that the next Executive must continue to champion access to a fair and transparent framework for promotion with effective means of recourse for all of our members. We must also continue to build on our gains around conference attendance and the recognition of our right to speak as an integral part of how we deliver our research.

Collective action is the key to addressing many of the issues which directly affect our ability to deliver world class research as well as ensuring fair and equitable treatment at the bargaining table. I believe your executive must continue to support the development of strong subgroups to effectively engage and mobilize our entire membership.

John Fowler