RE Group - Andrew Billyard

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Andrew Billyard has spent his entire 18 year tenure in the Federal Public Service as an operational research scientist for the DND wherein he provides timely and objective advice to the client about their processes, procedures and equipment.  This career depends on the individual to be outgoing, analytic, and to have the fortitude to tell the client information that they may not necessarily want to hear.

After having been a team lead for several years, Dr. Billyard became a PIPSC steward in the fall of 2013.

He became a PIPSC RE Executive member in June 2015.

He joined the PIPSC consultation committee in the fall of 2016.

Since the summer of 2016, he co-chairs, along with the ADM(S&T) at the DND, the Union Management Consultation Committee that is held biannually.  As co-chairs, he and the ADM(S&T) also meet every month to discuss outstanding and pending issues.

During this time, Dr. Billyard continues to see unfair practices and policy that negatively affect his colleagues ability to do their job effectively as well as their mental well-being: failed promotion cases with no substantive explanations offered, persons under medically-noted mental stress being asked to jump through hoops to prove their illness, enforcing unjustified travel caps at the working level, privacy issues being blatantly ignored and conferences being denied without substantive reason.  All of these issues drive Dr. Billyard to continue to be an active participant in PIPSC’s initiatives that try to improve the morale of the workplace.