At the close of nominations on January 29th, 2021, the RE Group Election Committee had received 13 valid nominations for the 13 positions on the RE Executive.

According to RE Group by-law 8.4, each region defined in the By-Laws of the Institute and each former group within the RE Group shall be represented on the Executive by a minimum of one (1) elected member.

Therefore, Nathaniel Newlands and Jean Berube were acclaimed as the only nominees from the BC/Yukon and Quebec Regions, respectively.  

Emily MacDonald was acclaimed as the only nominee from the HR classification.

As no nomination was received from the Atlantic Region by the deadline for receipt of nominations, the Executive will appoint a member to fill this position.

After the three acclamations, and the reservation of one spot for a representative from the Atlantic region, there remained ten nominations for nine remaining positions.  A ballot was distributed to members and voting took place between March 19 and April 16, 2021.

After the close of voting, but before the results were announced, one of the nominees, Mehran Alaee, passed away suddenly.  Please see the memorial tribute to Mehran published on the PIPSC website.  The RE Group Election Committee subsequently decided that the nine remaining nominees should all be declared elected.

The following twelve individuals are therefore elected to the RE Group Executive:

Jean Berube (SE, Natural Resources Canada, Quebec)

Andrew Billyard (DS, National Defence, Ontario)

Kathleen Emberson (MA, Statistics Canada, NCR)

Eric Hortop (MA, Statistics Canada, NCR)

Mohammad Khakbazan (SE, Agriculture & Agrifood Canada, Prairies/NWT)


Emily MacDonald (HR, Library and Archives Canada, NCR)

Matthew MacLeod (DS, National Defence, NCR)

Sacha Nandlall (DS, National Defence, NCR)

Nathaniel Newlands (SE, Agriculture & Agrifood Canada, BC/Yukon)

Ross Tallman (SE, Fisheries and Oceans, Prairies/NWT)

Adrienne Turnbull (DS, National Defence, NCR)

Qing Yu (SE, Agriculture & Agrifood Canada, NCR)

The newly elected executive will take office immediately following the next RE Group AGM. They will then appoint a member from the Atlantic Region to the thirteenth position.  They will also decide among themselves who will hold the four named positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The 2021 RE Group Elections Committee
Harold Mantel, Humayoun Akhtar, John Donohue, John Macfarlane