RCMP CM Negotiations Update #5 – Negotiations Continue

The Negotiations Team conducted our second set of negotiation meetings with Treasury Board and RCMP representatives in Ottawa from April 2 to 4, 2019.  The discussions to date have resulted in progress on several of the less contentious items in our proposals.  While this has been positive, we anticipate that discussions during our next meetings will be focused on the more significant issues that remain to be determined. 

The Institute has posted our proposals to maintain existing Civilian Member benefits, together with a summary of the Treasury Board’s proposal document, on the PIPSC web site at https://www.pipsc.ca/groups/rcmp  In reviewing the items identified by Treasury Board, you will see proposals to eliminate many of the superior conditions currently in place. 

Our next negotiation sessions are scheduled for May 7 to 9, 2019.  The Negotiations Team will be meeting beforehand to prepare for this important session.  The parties have agreed that should negotiations reach an impasse, a Mediator will be requested to assist the parties in achieving a resolution.

Regular updates will continue to be posted on the PIPSC web site at https://www.pipsc.ca/groups/rcmp and regular bulletins are being sent to members who have registered with PIPSC. 

Our goal in negotiations is to protect our existing terms and conditions of employment. Your support is needed to achieve this goal. 

You can contribute to the success of these negotiations by:

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  • Encouraging other members to complete a membership form.

Better Together!

On behalf of the RCMP CM Negotiations Team,

Daniel Chamberlain, Chair

Civilian Member