We Have a Deal!

Your PIPSC Bargaining Team is pleased to announce that we have reached a Tentative Agreement with OSFI! 

Following several full days of extensive and productive discussion, on Friday June 21, 2019, the PIPSC and OSFI Bargaining Teams reached a tentative agreement that we will present to the members for ratification in the coming weeks.  This was the culmination of months of preparation which began last summer, including the membership survey, member focus groups, multiple meetings of your Bargaining Team, and several negotiation sessions with the employer.   The tentative agreement also builds on the work completed by the PIPSC Central Team and our colleagues in other PIPSC Groups.

Highlights of this agreement:

Contract Duration: 4 years

Economic increases to all levels and steps of as follows:

Effective April 1, 2018 – economic increase of 2.0%

Effective April 1, 2018 – economic increase of 0.8%

Effective April 1, 2019 – economic increase of 2.0%

Effective April 1, 2019 – economic increase of 0.2%

Effective April 1, 2020 – economic increase of 1.5%

Effective April 1, 2021 – economic increase of 1.5%

The tentative agreement includes a new requirement for the Employer to apply the economic increases retroactively on your performance pay, as a lump sum payment. In addition, the Employer agreed to PIPSC’s proposal to separate the overlap between performance pay categories, by changing the range for “surpassed expectations” to 8%-16%.

We recognize that there is more work to be done to improve the performance pay program.  We have therefore negotiated an agreement with the Employer, outside of the collective agreement, which requires the employer and union to form a special working committee of equal representatives to review the present performance pay program and make recommendations to enhance the success of the performance pay program.

Additional negotiated changes include improvements to family related leaves, overtime meal allowance, and improvements to parental leaves and allowances.

Next Steps

Our approach to this round of bargaining has been motivated by your strong message to ensure a timely settlement and fair wage increase. We believe we have achieved these objectives and look forward to reporting the complete results to the membership for your approval. 

Full details of the tentative agreement will be provided in the ratification package. An information session will be scheduled in the weeks ahead, once the ratification package has been finalized and distributed to the membership.  Following the information session you will be invited to vote on the tentative agreement.  Details of the Central Agreement can be viewed at https://www.pipsc.ca/labour-relations/collective-bargaining/central-table-summary

Please Note:  Full details will be sent to your email address registered with PIPSC.  Please check your messages regularly and if you will be vacationing in the coming weeks ensure that you can access your email.  To update your email address on file with PIPSC, please visit https://www.pipsc.ca/member-tools/change-of-address

Better Together!

Your OSFI Bargaining Team