NRC RO/RCO Group AGM Dec. 8 - NSERC President

The NRC RO/RCO Group Annual General Meeting will be held at noon Eastern time on Friday, December 8, 2017 in the auditorium of building M-50 at the NRC Montreal Road campus in Ottawa.

Our AGM guest speaker will be NSERC President Dr. B. Mario Pinto who will speak on: “Discovery Innovation Dynamic.”

We are awaiting confirmation from NRC management that we can connect all the NRC facilities across the country by videoconference for Dr. Pinto’s talk. We will confirm soon; everyone please mark your calendars.

For those attending in Ottawa, lunch for members will be provided starting at 11:40 in M-50 room 115. Please confirm your attendance in Ottawa with the Group secretary Mary Zborowski ( so we order enough pizza for everyone. (If you have dietary considerations or don't eat pizza, let Mary know in your response.)

The AGM is the annual forum for the NRC RO/RCO Group Executive to report to our members on the activities and issues of the past year, and your opportunity to offer feedback and suggestions and raise concerns. We hope you will be able to join us this year. A call for nominations to join the RO/RCO group executive will follow in a separate email. Please consider joining us in 2018!

Agenda for 2017 PIPSC NRC RO/RCO AGM

1. Welcome

2. Guest Speaker: NSERC President, Dr. B. Mario Pinto, “Discovery Innovation Dynamic”

3. RO/RCO Group Business Meeting (all RO/RCO members welcome)

3.1 Introductions to RO/RCO executive and representatives

3.2 Adoption of agenda

3.3 Approval of minutes from 2016 AGM

3.4 Business arising from minutes

3.5 Report of the Group Executive for 2017

3.6 Treasurer's report

3.7 Reports from the Nominations Committee

3.9 Other business / questions from the floor