Dear members,

We would first like to thank you all for the great interest you are showing and the high-quality questions and comments you have been asking and providing us as your collective agreement bargaining team.

Today, we would like to update you on our progress. Last time we sent out an update, we had finalized our preparations and were busy scheduling our meetings with the employer. We are glad to report that we have just finished our first meeting where we exchanged our non-monetary demand packages. Both parties took time to frame and present the demands in these packages and initial discussions on our respective positions have been held. While we have expressed concerns as to some of the employer’s demands and positions, we remain hopeful mutually beneficial solutions will be reached.

Amongst other things, we discussed the very important topics of equity and transparency in processes, conference attendance, and career development. Monetary considerations will be discussed at a later date.

Other sessions have been organized with the employer in April and May where we will further these exchanges and clarify our positions and underlying interests.


In solidarity,

Simon Drouin

For the NRC RO-RCO Bargaining Team