The RO/RCO group is excited to launch its first Award and Recognition program. The program will provide a maximum of five (5) $100.00 gift cards in total each fiscal year. An annual budget of no more than $500.00 will be reserved annually in the PIPSC RO/RCO budget for this initiative. The committee may award a maximum of 5 awards in a given year and may, depending on the outcome, award more than one award per category, depending on the nature and quality of submissions.

These categories have been identified to encourage member involvement in activities that enrich their profession, strengthen their union, and promote social justice in Canada.

Each nomination will be evaluated by the committee on merit and must meet the criteria of one of the following 6 CATEGORIES:

  •  Appreciation of an exceptional effort - (e.g.: service during Pandemic) – will be evaluated based on significance and amount of people reached.
  •  Recognition of Leadership and Advancement of the PIPSC RO/RCO: This award is presented to a member who demonstrates commitment, passion and dedication to advancing the work, ideals and traditions of the union to its membership through:
    • Stewardship
    • Service on PIPSC RO/RCO committees and other government committees 
  •  Contributions to the RO/RCO Community – day-to-day work external to the union.
    • This award is presented to a member who demonstrates commitment and dedication to enhancing the social fabric of their RO/RCO community and improving the livelihood of its members.
      • Being a good boss (recipient and nominee have to be an RO/RCO)
      • Government or externals work that can contribute to ROs/RCOs
      • Functional scientific (and operational) leadership 
  • Promoting Health & Safety in the Workplace: This award is presented to a member who continually strives to improve the health and safety of members in the workplace.
  • Promoting Human Rights: This award is presented to a member who works to eliminate barriers and promotes equity, diversity, and Inclusion in their workplace or their community specifically in one or more of the areas covered in provincial and federal Human Rights codes: age, ancestry, colour, race, citizenship, ethnic origin, place of origin, creed, disability, family status, marital status, gender identity, gender expression, sex, sexual orientation.
    • Promoting the advancement of women and youth
    • Active participation in NRC EDI committees and initiatives
  • Recognition for reaching a service anniversary in your service to PIPSC (5 years or more).

The submission deadline is December 31 each calendar year and the recipients will be announced in January.