Québec City NR Sub-Group

Minutes of the 1st meeting of the
Executive Committee


Held on June 14, 2022

At St-Hubert Restaurant, Val-Bélair, Québec

Date :

June 14, 2022


St-Hubert Restaurant – 2000 Rue de l'Interlude, Québec (QC) G3K 0R6

Subject: First Executive Committee Meeting of the 2022 Quebec City NR Sub-Group

Directors present:

Jean-Luc Bédard

Patrick Lacoursière

Omar Kali

Robert Durocher




Directors absent:


Bernard Michaud





















  1. Meeting Call to order
  2. Welcome and thanks from the President
  3. Review & Approval of the Agenda
  4. Monitoring of the DRDC's Career and Professional Development Program for Engineers
  5. Review of the meeting of NR Sub-groups presidents on April 30, 2022
  6. Feedback on the Steward training held from June 9th to 11th
  7. Review of the Steward Workshop held on April 27–30, 2022
  8. Review of the Pension Training held on March 17, 2022
  9. 80th Quebec Regional Council held on May 27–29, 2022 at the Estrimont
  10. SG Facebook page
  11. Problem of unpaid debit of excess vacation
  12. Preparing for a Better Together event with the collaboration of the Québec City Chapter
  13. Preparation for the 2022 AGM
  14. Round Table
  15. Adjournment


Agenda item



Action required by

1. Opening of the Meeting


Patrick called the meeting to order at 11:40 a.m.





2.  Welcome and thanks from the President


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. He thanked the participants for being there; since the meeting is held during lunch, it was not easy to free up time.


3.  Reading & approval of the Agenda


Jean-Luc proposed to move item 10 to item 4 to facilitate the logistics with the computer and to be able to store it for the rest of the meeting (will also facilitate the service). These minutes reflect this change as well as the agenda in this document for ease of reading. Omar seconds.


4.  Monitoring of the DRDC's Career and Professional Development Program for Engineers


Jean-Luc pointed out that management preferred to keep DRDC engineers in the dark during the period when he produced nearly 300 pages of support documentation for the implementation of the program. Then, management also asked that the content of this work not be discussed until the documents had been reviewed and debriefed to Darren Baker and JF Morel.

He realizes that senior management is not moving and he wants answers. That is why he made a video to explain the problem, its history and to ask for answers and concrete actions from the Assistant Deputy Minister who sits on the National UMCC. We saw the video and the other members congratulated Jean-Luc for producing it.

He would also like to call the DRDC engineers to brief them on the situation. Executive members propose to wait until after the summer vacations to see if the situation has evolved satisfactorily and to have as many engineers present as possible. A meeting will be held after the vacations.






















5.  Review of the NR SG president’s meeting on April 30, 2022.


Patrick looks back on the event that took place on April 30, 2020, at the Québec Delta. He mentioned that the NR bargaining group was present and showed several statistics regarding the survey that was done with the NR members that deal with membership issues. It was found that 70% of the members reached the highest pay step of their classification within the NR group. The presentation cannot be shared as it could affect future negotiations.

The negotiating group also said that the negotiations would take at least a year. Increasing it in proportion to inflation would be a big challenge as it is very high. In addition, telework may be part of the negotiations as well.

Two presentations were held: ENG 2025, which focuses on the work that is being done at ADM MAT to improve the ENG career progression program. Jean-Luc mentioned that we are a long way from that at ADM S&T. He spoke to the president of ENG 2025 who would be willing to come and meet with us to help us implement our program at DRDC.

The second presentation focused on the history of gains from negotiating agreements over time.

The issues of each SG were brought up and it was mentioned that on our side there were 3 main issues: Salary, career progression and attracting new employees.


6. Feedback on the steward training from June 9th to 11th.


Patrick mentioned that the basic steward training that was held at the Delta Hotel in Sherbrooke is very interesting as it helps us find our way in the collective agreement and to know the tools that are available to us when filing a grievance or even to find information regarding an ambiguity. Robert is interested in this training.











7. Review of the steward workshop held on April 27–30, 2022


Jean-Luc mentioned that the training is very interesting as it allows participants to learn more about the regulations in labour relations at the steward level. He encouraged everyone to attend if possible because the really interesting workshops allow for the exchange of experience between stewards and you come out stronger and better equipped about the processes. He said that he has been talking to people in the joint learning program about doing training on how to do UMCCs properly for those who sit on them or who would like to be a part of it. Patrick is to propose this training at the next VRC UMCC.

Jean-Luc also mentioned that PIPSC had won a case regarding family or sick leave that had been forced by the employer in lieu of 699 leave during COVID, but that the Treasury Board was appealing the decision. More to follow on this subject.


8. Review of the training on pensions held on March 17, 2022.


Jean-Luc mentioned that the pension training was very interesting to follow and recommended it to other members. It was given by Réjean Michaud, former president of the Quebec City chapter.


9. 80th Quebec Regional Council May 27–29, 2022 Estrimont


Jean-Luc mentioned that several points were discussed at the Board meeting, notably in relation to the representation of retirees on the NR bargaining team. A vote was held to stop retirees from voting in collective agreement negotiations. Their experience and availability are desirable and welcome, but the decision must be made by the active members, not the retirees.

Discussions about Concur, which is PIPSC's reimbursement platform. Refunds are very slow and many improvements need to be made to translate the platform pages. PIPSC’s President has just approved the motion to have 70% of claims automatically refunded when they are filed in the system. The balance will be paid when the expense account is audited.

It was also mentioned that the vaccination requirement is now over for federal employees. This affects members of our SG. It should also be noted that the dates of the announcement and its coming into force is very short.


10. SG Facebook page


It is difficult to reach members with the email they provide from the employer. A list will be requested to obtain all emails and encourage members to provide a personal email address as well as subscribe to the SG Facebook page.


11. Problem of unpaid debit of excess vacation


Jean-Luc raised a problem with the reimbursement of leave in excess of 262.5 hours. The excess was debited last April and no longer appears in Peoplesoft and these hours have still not been paid. We are informed after the fact that the employer is giving itself until December 31, 2022, to pay this. This is quite outrageous. He has made representations to RHConnect, the payroll department, the employer's labour relations officers and Valérie Charette of PIPSC.

Patrick will check with the UMCC in Valcartier to see if there are other people in the same situation and if anything will be done about it.


12. Preparing for a Better Together event with the collaboration of the Quebec City Chapter.


In partnership with the Quebec City Chapter and the Better Together program, we would like to organize an event to reconnect with our members after 2 years of pandemic.

Jean-Luc proposed an event like the Bora Parc in Valcartier; the cost of access to the water park would be paid for the family. Patrick asked to send him ideas about events to be held in conjunction with the AGM as well, which would simplify the organization and could attract more members.

Patrick is giving the members present 2 weeks to send him ideas and then he will ask the Quebec City Chapter what is feasible. The event will have to be held around the end of November as David Young would like to come and talk with SG members, and would be available at that time.


13. Preparation for the 2022 AGM


Patrick mentioned that the previous point includes this one since we want to combine them.

The NR negotiating team would like to come and meet with us. The ENG 2025 facilitator would also be invited to present what is currently being done on the ADM(Mat) side.


14. Round Table


Omar thanked everyone for their presence.

Jean-Luc suggested to see if other members would be interested in joining the SG since there is a feeling of slacking off in terms of involvement.

Robert thanked the people.

Patrick thanked the members present.


15. Adjournment


The President adjourned the meeting at 2:15 p.m.