Hamilton/Burlington NR Sub-Group Executive Meeting # 2018-3

Date: Monday July 16, 2018 @ 12.30 pm

Location: Beaver and Bulldog Restaurant, Burlington ON

1. Welcome and Attendance

  • Frank Seglenieks, Ryan Breivik and Shirley Anne Smyth, Sandra Kok

2. Approval of Agenda

  • Moved by Shirley Anne that the agenda be accepted.  Seconded by Frank.

3. Review and Approval of the Minutes of the April 27, 2018 executive meeting

  • Ryan moved to approve the minutes. Frank seconded.

4. Business Arising from the Minutes  

  1. Action:  2018 Working Budget
    The sub-group executive will prepare a 2018 budget for the next (2018) AGM meeting for review by members. Frank presented the 2019 budget and Shirley Anne will forward to David Young, Sub-group Coordinator.
  2. Review of NR President’ Meeting and AGM was reported out by Frank.
  3. Career Development lunch and learn – e.g. PEAK – to be brought forward at the next NR Exec Meeting

5. Financial Report

Financial report was presented by Frank Seglenieks for the period to June 29, 2018.  Moved by Frank that the financial report be accepted as presented.  Seconded by Sandra.

6. New Business

Planning NR BBQ- BBQ will be at Canada Centre for Inland Waters on July 25. Planning and logistics were discussed. Shirley Anne to send notice to members to confirm their attendance and all to assist with logistics of the event

7. Next meeting dates

  • Late Sept/early October

8. Adjournment

  • Moved by Frank, seconded by Sandra, adjournment at 1:30 pm