Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Hamilton/Burlington Engineering and Architecture (NR) Sub-group


Monday, December 12, 2016   16:00 – 18:00

Canada Centre for Inland Waters, South Seminar Room

867 Lakeshore Road, Burlington ON L7S 1A1

The meeting was called to order at 4:35 by Asif Mohammed, the Sub-Group president.


David Young

Shirley Anne Smyth

Aaron Thompson

Jeanette Fooks

Frank Seglenieks

Ryan Breivik

Gail Faveri

Sandrina Rodrigues

Asif Mohammed

Hafiz Ahmad

Sandra Kok

Roger McCallum

Jeffrey Moote

Jonathan McKinley

  1. Roll call of executive and round-table introductions
    1. Asif Mohammed, president
    2. Shirley Anne Smyth, vice president
    3. Frank Seglenieks, treasurer
    4. Sandrina Rodrigues, secretary

A round-table was also conducted to introduce everyone.

  1. Approval of agenda: moved by Aaron Thompson, seconded by Gail Faveri, carried, that the agenda be accepted as presented.
  1. Review and approval of minutes of 2015 AGM: moved by Jeanette Fooks, seconded by Frank Seglenieks, carried, that the 2015 AGM minutes be accepted as presented.
  1. Report of the president included discussion on:
    1. Sub-group activities in 2016 which included 3 executive meetings and focussed on improving membership engagement; summer barbecue.
    2. Bill C59
    3. Updates at the bargaining table
    4. Updates from the presidents’ meeting which focussed on PIPSC policy administration of groups and subgroups and changes to NR by-laws affecting groups and sub-groups.
  1. Annual Financial Report: Financial report was presented by Frank Seglenieks. Bank balance was discussed and approved. Moved by Frank Seglenieks, seconded by Sandrina Rodrigues, all voted in favour, carried that the financial report be accepted as presented.
  1. Report of the Elections Committee/Executive Elections: two positions are up for election: Sandrina Rodrigues and Asif Mohammad; neither of them plans to return to the Hamilton-Burlington NR-Subgroup Executive as Sandrina is moving and Asif plans to run for the regional PIPSC executive. Gail Faveri nominated Sandra Kok, seconded by Sandrina Rodrigues, Sandra Kok accepted the position. Shirley Anne Smyth nominated Ryan Breivik, seconded by Aaron Thompson, Ryan Breivik accepted the position.
  1. Update on activities of the NR National Executive and PIPSC: presentation and discussion led by David Young, NR member of bargaining team.
  1. Adjournment: moved by Gail Faveri, seconded by Hafiz Ahmad, all in favour, carried. The meeting was adjourned at 18:10.