Minutes of Meeting (Rev 0 )

Halifax Sub-Group Annual General Meeting 

Meeting Date/Time: May 30, 2019, 4:30pm

Date of Minutes: June 13, 2019

Location: The Old Triangle






Email Address


Dave Rutherford, President



Mounah Zrein, Vice President



Joe Williams, Member at Large



Larry Clark, Member at Large



Dale Hudson, treasurer



Bernadette Landry,  Secretary



Attendees:  See attached sign-in sheet (pdf attachment)






President’s Report



Dave introduced Executive- listed above.



Dave presented composition of PIPSC Halifax Sub-Group – which includes members from AGCAN, DFO, DND, ECC, NRCAN, PSPC and TSB. NR Halifax Sub Group – approx. 140 members. Most members from DND and PSPC.




Summary of Activities:

  • 8 June 2018 AGM 
  • 26 Jul 2018 Sub Group Executive Meeting
  • 1 Oct 2018 Sub Group Executive Meeting
  • 25 Oct 2018 Fall Social (Garrison Brewery)
  • 3 Apr 19 Sub Group Executive Meeting
  • 10-11 Jun 19 NR Group AGM/Sub Group Presidents Meeting
  • 30 May 19 AGM



Other Issues:

  • Donation to Science Fair 
  • Collective Bargaining – ongoing
  • Contracting out



Treasurer’s Report



Dale motioned to accept the Treasurer’s report. Doug Reid seconded. Vote to approve was unanimous.



Election of Officer’s (All positions) 



Joan Muise coordinated the nominations

President – Kevin Jack nominated Dave Rutherford. Mounah Zrien seconded.  Dave accepted. Elected by acclamation.

Vice President – Dave Rutherford nominated Mounah Zrien. Kevin Jack seconded. Mounah accepted. Elected by acclamation.

Treasurer – Dale Hudson nominated Joe Williams. Larry Clarke seconded. Joe accepted. Elected by acclamation.

Secretary – Dave Rutherford nominated Bernadette Landry. Dale Hudson seconded. Bernadette accepted. Elected by acclamation.

1st Member at Large – Dave Rutherford nominated Larry Clarke. Dale Hudson seconded. Larry accepted. Elected by acclamation.

2nd Member at Large – Dave Rutherford nominated Dale Hudson. Ghada Fakhri seconded. Dale accepted. Elected by acclamation.




Sub-Group Bargaining Update



Dale presented information regarding the Collective Bargaining with respect to Central Bargaining – for items common to all groups – that are negotiated at a “central table”

Dale’s presentation notes are attached. 






Minutes by Bernadette Landry. Please advise Bernadette.Landry@pwgsc-tpsgc.gc.ca of errors or omissions.



Attachment 1 – Financial Spreadsheet N/A

Attachment 2 – Central Bargaining Notes

Attachment 3 – List of Attendees N/A


Attachment 2 

What is Central Bargaining?

  • New approach for Bargaining
  • Learned benefits from EWSP
  • Used 6 Core groups (SP, SH, AV, RE, CS and the NR group), AFS plus 2 Agencies  (NRC and CFIA)
  • Addressed things of common interest for all PIPSC members
  • Got direction from the Strategic Bargaining Committee of PIPSC
  • Started meeting last August to determine our priorities.

Our Original Wish List

  • Addressing an additional paid holiday
  • Family Leave & Benefits (Critical Illness, Compassionate Care, Extended Maternity pay, improvements for Parental leave
  • Proposal on addressing Harassment
  • Common Pay Administration (addressing Phoenix issues)
  • Establishing an Economic Increase %
  • Determining the length of our contract
  • Addressing Retro Pay

The Process 

  • Since last August, we initially met as a group
  • Treasury Board started talking with us in mid-November 2018
  • Met usually once a month until May 17/19 for 2 to 3 days each time.
  • Exchanged proposals, provided evidence & justification for our requests, called on PIPSC staff for assistance and explanation.
  • Determined our priorities
  • Pushed back TB on their requests that we could not address (WFI)
  • Continued to narrow down the gap between our request and TB’s offer.


Resulting Highlights from the Central Table

  • 7% wage increase over 4 years for Cost of Living

(2.0% year 1, 2.0% year 2, 1.5% year 3 & 1.5% year 4)

  • 10 paid days of leave for survivors of domestic violence 

(new consideration in the CA)

  • Parental leave top-up expanded by five weeks 
  • Equitable parental leave for adoptive parents (EI vs QPIC)
  • $400 compensation to each member for late implementation of the agreement.  Additional penalties due if further delays in retro payments. 
  • Secured ongoing role for PIPSC in the NextGen project to replace Phoenix
  • Secured a role for PIPSC to work with TB in implementing the new Bill C65 addressing Harassment


Where do we go from here?

  • Central Table has agreed to these terms
  • Terms were recommended to SBC and Accepted 
  • Each PIPSC Group provided Central Table terms to include in their CA
  • Groups need to finalize an agreement including the Central Terms
  • EWSP MOA included
  • Three groups (AFS, SP and RE) have a negotiated deal
  • NR Group as of 12:30 am today, have agreed to a tentative CA
  • Members will be asked to ratify each of the new agreements