Location - 1159 Bank St, Ottawa, ON

Attendees:  Glen Schjerning (President), John Eng (Vice President), Bran Gojkovic (Treasurer), Karim Bamaar (Secretary), James Kuang, Rebecca Mardell, Hassan Naqvi, Harris Nielsen and Hong Tin Tiv.  Sherry Oake and Angelo Guglielmo were not able to attend. 

1800       Glen Schjerning opened the meeting and welcomed all participants.

Bran Gojkovic, the Sub Group (SG) Treasurer, provided a financial update.  The short summary is that our recent inaugural AGM had cost somewhat more than our “notional” budget.   We had had greater than anticipated attendance, and the AGM planning committee had a short decided not to charge a fee to attend (a departure from past PIPSC DND LSTL NR SG practices).

Glen indicated that the SG financial signing authorities were Glen, John, Bran, and Karim and he indicated that we are in the process of adding James, Hong Tin and Rebecca to the list of executive members with signing authority.

The SG Executive agreed to target subsequent SG Executive meeting for October 2018 and December 2018.

The SG Executive agreed to target the 2019 SG AGM for February 2019.

At the inaugural AGM the SG had budgeted for Lunch and Learns in 2018.  Rebecca Mardell spoke a bit on the ADM(MAT) ENG Forum, with a target date of 15 Nov 2018.  The SG’s intention was to invite all members of the SG to attend, and that the SG would sponsor beverages and food, in return for podium time.  Cost not to exceed our line item for Lunch and Learns.  This was similar to the previous year’s event that the PIPSC DND LSLT NR SG participated in.   The intended guest speaker would be our PIPSC negotiator, Pierre Ouellette.  This was unanimously supported.

It was believed that Collective bargaining and EWSP would likely be hot topic in the fall of 2018 and spring of 2019.  Visits to DND building in the NCR were considered worth planning.  There was a hope that EWSP could fund.

1930       John Eng motioned, seconded by Bran, that this successful SG Executive meeting be adjourned.  This was carried unanimously.