Location - 1525 Bank St, Ottawa, ON

Attendees:  Glen Schjerning (President), John Eng (Vice President), Bran Gojkovic (Treasurer), James Kuang, Rebecca Mardell, Sherry Oake and Harris Nielsen.   Hong Tin Tiv Karim Bamaar, Hassan Naqvi, and Angelo Guglielmo were not able to attend

1800       Glen Schjerning opened the meeting and welcomed all participants.

Bran presented a draft end year financial statement.  This was discussed in detail, and some minor tinkering will be made prior to submitting the statement to PIPSC.  Exec concurrence will be sought prior to submitting this document.  The SG is in good financial shape.  We have an approved budget for 2019.  There were concerns raised about the fact that we exceeded the 2018 budget for our inaugural AGM, and greater care must be put into respecting this budget.  Rebecca recommend, and it was accepted by all present, that going forward, from the SG AGM in 2019, SG Financial statements would include separate line items for full SG executive meeting, and smaller planning meetings.

Glen presented that we are now in contract for the 2019 AGM.  It will take place the evening of Wednesday 24 April 2019 at the Hilton Lac Leamy.  The executive agreed to use last year’s adverts (both English and French) as a template and to have them posted at least 30 days ahead of the event.  The executive agreed that a $5.00 cover charge would be charged at the door.  A cap on attendance may be required if the event will exceed our budget.   The executive did not identify an guest speaker for the AGM, but EWSP was thought to be a timely subject to have presented.

Rebecca Mardell reported on the November 2018 ADM(MAT) Engineering Forum, in which our SG participated.  Roughly 250 NR Sub Group members attended.  The Sub Groups speakers were Glen Schjerning (Group President) and Pierre Ouellette (PIPSC Negotiator for the NR Group).  The presentation was very well received.  The event was not cheap at $3,791.15.    Rebecca indicated that there will be two Eng Forums in 2019, one in May and one in November.  Going forward, the SG may seek funding assistance from the NR Group to assist in supporting these type of activities.

There was free forum discussions on how best to reach out to our SG members in 2019.  No consensus was developed, but is was agreed that we need to step up these efforts.  Perhaps local Lunch and Learns.

There was a discussion of the scheduling of the next SG executive meeting.  There was a notional plan to hold it in the 19-21 Feb 2019 time frame, in order to advance plans for the SG AGM.

1930       James Kuang, seconded by John Eng motioned that this successful SG Executive meeting be adjourned.  This was carried unanimously.