27 June 2022
The bargaining team would like to announce that the tentative agreement has been approved and ratified by the membership. Changes to the collective agreement will not come into effect until the agreement is signed by the employer and the union.
7 June 2022
Please take the time to review all the documents in the package before voting. The bargaining team unanimously recommends the acceptance of this tentative agreement.
9 September 2020
Selection of President of the NB National Consultation Team
10 December 2018
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3 January 2018
New Brunswick Occupational Health & Safety Act (OH&S) What is it for?
3 January 2018
New Brunswick Public Service Labour Relations Act (PSLRA) What is it for?
3 January 2018
Duty to Accommodate To accommodate means to modify or adjust policies, practices and facilities to eliminate their discriminatory effect.