NAV CANADA Group Executive Meeting

Sep 4, 2020

Virtual via Zoom

Ottawa, On


President (MS)

Vice President (PT)

Secretary (EF)

Treasurer (PV)

Member at Large (MK)

Member at Large (LD)

Member at Large (DM)


  1. Call to order

9:09 AM


  1. Adoption of agenda
  • Add Bargaining Certificate update to agenda by DM

Moved by LD. Seconded by MK.


  1. Approval of Minutes of December 06, 2019  

Moved by PV. Seconded by EF.


  1. Business arising from previous minutes
  • Some are complete and others will be carried through in these minutes “Other Business” section.


  1. President Update
  • Working on getting a role at the bargaining agents association
  • Still in consultation with Nav re ERI to delay if incentive is bigger
  • Coordinate an effort to conclude benefit bargaining that will lock us for 3 years.
  • Review of article 43 Employment security
  • Consultation meeting with Mark Cooper every couple of weeks
  • PIPSC president mentioned that no in person meeting with management and no expenses will be paid.
  • Speaking with members about potential layoffs and SAFE framework.
  • Cooper said there should be no overtime and managers should not be rushing, we have the luxury now of taking our time on projects; however, the picture on the ground in Engineering is opposite
  • Elected chair of the NCBAA association


  1. Vice-President Update
  • Attended weekly virtual executive group meetings
  • Members questions and chatter about managements layoffs, wage deferrals
  • Our group still doing overtime, lots of work and tons of overtime
  • Kristie: Planned overtime (from home) is callback


  1. Financial Update
  • Attended weekly virtual executive group meetings


  1. Secretary Update
  • Attended weekly virtual executive group meetings
  • Addressed various issues and questions of members related to the pandemic
  • Addressed members’ questions regarding the ERI program
  • Also been made aware of members working OT and getting straight time


  1. Members at large update 


  • Attended weekly virtual executive group meetings
  • Answered questions from members the situation, people are worried
  • Attended farewell for CIO Claudio Silvestri


  • Attended weekly virtual executive group meetings
  • Members working overtime and just taking time off at straight time in some department
  • No OSH meetings downtown as employees are working from home


  • Attended weekly virtual executive group meetings
  • Plenty of stress about SAFE and met with a member re that.


  1. Negotiations


  • N/A
  1. Grievance Update
  • N/A





  • We are working closely together
  • Sharing letter that will be sent in coordination with other unions to management re wage deferrals discussions
  • Deferral of economic increase
  • One benefit meeting to get the Benefits review concluded
  • Pushing for a dental program for retirees


  1. OSH report
  • Nothing to report


  1. Other Business

a- Wage Deferral letter will be sent out to Management

b- Restructuring discussions

c- Senior management went to Cornwall this week to talk about budget.

d- Cooper is working hard to keep members due to emphasis on safety. And he was asked what the minimum required resources are for a skeleton company.

e- Bargaining Certificate update:

Pierre: There have been discussions in the past but PIPSC said current certificate appears to be fine

f- Wage deferral: We will be getting an update from management or a list of potential layoffs and then we will determine and discuss solutions.


  1. Adjournment


Moved by PJ. Seconded by MK.