NAV CANADA Executive Meeting

April 13, 2018 
250 Tremblay Road
Ottawa, ON


President (MS)
Vice President (PT) 
Secretary (EF)
Treasurer (PV) 
Member at Large (MK) 
Member at Large (MD) 
Member at Large (LD)

1. Call to order (MS)

Noting that Brad Whitson is attending as an observer

2. Approval of Agenda (Executive)

Moved by PT. Seconded by LD.

3. Approval of Minutes of November 22, 2017 (Executive)

Moved by PV. Seconded MK.

4. Business arising from previous minutes (Executive)


5. President Update (MS)

  • Working on policy grievance related to Flex work week
  • Working on amendment for optional irrevocable retirement date with bonus
  • NCBAA had a meeting April 12, the pension plan is in a $120 million surplus (Pension report release in June)
  • HRUMF (includes management and all unions) meeting April 12, showed report of sick leave and overtime (average 29 hours a year).
  • HRUMF planning for a symposium on Cannabis; tentative dates May 8th and 9th.
  • Completing Western tour visiting 1 member in Vancouver, 6 in Edmonton and 1 in Winnipeg; also visiting local PIPSC offices.
  • OSI (Independent company) following up on sick members becoming an issue.
  • Jan 10 policy grievance started on Flex work arrangement. May 4h is the hearing with the union and management; a PIPSC ERO JeanFrancois is assigned to the case.
  • Planning lunch and learn regarding Flex work week after that hearing.
  • Ottawa East sub group had some money which they gave to our group; that amount will be used when visiting the regions (lunches/dinners).
  • For the next bargaining, we will be sending an invitation email to whoever is interested in joining the bargaining team.
  • Starting preliminary discussions with management about the classification process.
  • Attended Light the Way Meeting in Ottawa and Annual Conference in Cornwall
  • Raised concerns with regards to the possible Storage of your personal information being stored outside of Canada in the cloud.  Discussions continue to ensure compliancy with privacy laws and to insist that personal employee information be stored in Canada.
  • Successfully represented and defended employees facing disciplinary action
  • Continued working with NAV CANADA and PIPSC to review the managerial positions falling within the bargaining unit
  • Negotiated Memorandum of Agreement with regards to dependant contractors falling under the work of the bargaining unit
  • Coordinated solution through Consultation regarding the banking of overtime in Engineering
  • Attended PIPSC advisory council committee meetings. 
  • Compiled Group Survey regarding the development of future Lunch and Learns
  • Attended Pension meetings with NAV CANADA as one of three members of the NAV CANADA Bargaining Agents Association (NCBAA) designated to represent the NCBAA members
  • Participated in an offsite meeting in Cornwall to provide input to the changes in the AERONAUTICAL INFORMATION MANAGEMENT (AIM)
  • Attended NAV CANDA Joint Council meetings. 
  • Attended the Annual General Meeting and recorded minutes for the following NAV CANADA Joint Council Committees: Executive, Allowances, and Benefits.
  • Attended NAV Canada Bargaining Agents Association (NCBAA) meetings as Vice Chair including the Annual General Meeting in December. 
  • Participated in the Alternate Dispute Resolution process to resolve conflict in the workplace
  • Clarified numerous queries regarding the interpretation and application of the Collective Agreement for members
  • Attended all NAV Canada Human Resources Union Management Forum meeting with all unions and management
  • Attended the CANADIAN AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL ASSOCIATION (CATCA) Annual General Meeting in Halifax 2017
  • Participated in the reevaluation of multiple Positions in IM and Engineering
  • Worked with multiple employees on disability to ensure they had access to required resources to assist in their recovery.
  • Attended the International Federation of Benefits Conference including a training module on Trust Management.
  • Held Consultation meetings with all levels of senior management
  • Met with employees to discuss implications of the ERP replacement
  • Conducted competition audits and addressed anomalies where appropriate
  • Resolved issues at TSC by working with local stewards, the west subgroup and management
  • Elected as a Chair of the NAV CANADA Group Savings Plan (formerly Group RRSP)
  • Attended CEO (Neil Wilson) quarterly meetings with all union leaders
  • Participated on the bargaining team for the Benefits Committee Cyclical Review – Ongoing

6. Vice-President Update (PT)

  • Represented members on a variety of issues
  • Acting for MS while on vacation.
  • Attended NAV group AGM March 2018
  • Attended East Sub group meetings.

7. Financial Update (PV)

  • Allocation received for 12 months
  • Attended the NAV group AGM March 2018
  • Dealt with a classification grievance
  • Issue with a member calling the union regarding OSI
  • Suggesting we delay the AGM for next year to around September
  • Couple of members showed interest in becoming stewards
  • Planning the telecom budget distribution
  • Dealing with member to member issue (at TSC) problem escalated but management’s conclusion: no disciplinary action.

Finance moved by PT. Approved by MD

8. Secretary Update (EF)

  • Attended PIPSC NAV NCR West subgroup AGM Nov 29, 2017
  • Met with West Sub group to discuss issues at the TSC Feb 7th, 2018
  • Dealing with a member not comfortable in his group and stressed. Answered member’s questions and assisted them when they took short term disability leave.
  • Welcomed new TSC employees to the PIPSC union.
  • Union advanced steward training: Advanced grievance handling Feb 15,16,17 2018
  • Listened and discussed with members of a specific team their concerns about career advancement and issues with regards to a CS4 competition in their group.
  • Helped out and presented the election report at the NAV Group AGM March 28th.
  • Sent the AGM 2017 minutes for publishing to the PIPSC website.
  • Discussed the idea of creating CS2 ½, CS 3 ½ positions and the likes for members who have more than 15 years in the company and have no way of moving up due to limitations in career advancements. That could be discussed at the next bargaining phase.

9. Members at large update (MK/MD/LD)


  • Attended the NAV group AGM in March.
  • Monthly sub group meetings.


  • Attended and helped at the NAV group AGM in March.
  • Member wants to sit down and talk about not wanting to move to a new project.
  • Heard members mentioning some employees not charging overtime when they are checking system email notification at night at home.


  • Advanced Steward training
  • Attended monthly Sub group meetings
  • Working on Meet & Greet for 77 Metcalfe & Slater
  • Helped member with attendance issue but didn’t escalate.
  • OSH member for 77 Metcalfe, attend monthly meetings

10. Negotiations (Pierre/MS)


11. Grievance Update (MS)

  • President provided an update (more info in section 5).


  • President provided an update (more info in section 5).

13. OSH report (Brad Whitson)

  • Attend Ottawa National OSH meetings 4 times a year
  • We finalized the JHIRA for PIPSC and it will be published on the OSH portal this year.

14. Other Business

  • The engagement survey was discussed and some Execs expressed concern about the anonymity of filling it since in most cases the very specific questions can identify the employee. 

15. Adjournment (Executive)

Moved by EF. Seconded by PV.