NAV CANADA Executive Meeting

December 18, 2020

Virtual via Zoom

Ottawa, On


President (MS)

Vice President (PT) 

Secretary (EF)

Treasurer (PV) 

Member at Large (MK) 

Member at Large (LD)

Member at Large (DM)

  1. Call to order



  1. Adoption of agenda

Moved by EF. Seconded by PV.


  1. Approval of Minutes of Sep 04, 2020  

Moved by MK. Seconded by PT.


  1. Business arising from previous minutes
  • Others are complete.


  1. President Update
  • Since September, I have been working with the laid off employees
  • Working a lot with the NCBAA, we had our AGM
  • Lots of lobbying with the Government: close to 10 MPs, different parties and met gov. officials with the following message: “Help us, give us a bailout. We can’t afford to lose this essential service”.
  • Coordination efforts with all the unions
  • Settled a grievance with a probation employee let go as a surplus status 
  • Another probation member came from sick leave and we settled an offer for him (6 months)
  • A CS4 leaving the company, they notified MS and a member from the layoffs list will be swapping with them (only one CS4 left on the list, so it will be that member) and that leaving member will get a DIP.
  • LR manager left the company and a new person is now in Labour Relations. LJ worked with NAV before.
  • I scheduled few meetings with surplus employees, coordinated with them re HR and access to pension tools etc.
  • VP of Labour relations, retired. ST has 30 years’ experience in HR field, commencing Jan 18, 2021
  • Short list for CEO replacement
  • NAV Canada joint council meeting and benefits review completed before VP of LR left but it doesn’t look like it will happen. 
  • They commit to the HSA forwarded automatically to 2021 from 2020 if not used
  • I was approached by VP Technology to accept some conditions in order for NAV to commit to no layoffs by forgoing our economic increases. 
  • Teleconference with previous CEO NW one on one, no real agenda: All employees are overworked, not charging OT. This is not sustainable, and it will be too late to pick up the pieces. 


  1. Vice-President Update
  • Mentioned that VP Technology reiterated his message to the leadership team to respect his memo regarding “Fridays no afternoon meetings” to improve morale and engagement.
  • Attended meeting with MS on second level hearing grievance Nov 6th regarding seniority and surplus and we got nowhere.
  • Lots of questions from Surplus people, do they resign etc. and lump sum payments of the DIP.
  • For DIP they can get paid out over 3 calendar years.
  • Lots of questions about the grievance from the surplus employees
  • Attended the Zoom meeting that PIPSC had with Debi Daviau
  • Discussed the COVID 400$ credit and T2200 form with members
  • MK: we are working in Workday to deliver the T2200 
  • Attended weekly update meetings


  1. Financial Update
  • Dealt with a member working too much. They had a performance review and were upset about a detail. 
  • Attended weekly update meetings
  • Carry whatever balance we have left till next year


  1. Secretary Update
  • Attended weekly Executive group meetings to discuss and handle ongoing matters related to the pandemic and the situation at NAV Canada.
  • Attended the Debi Daviau’s online meeting with the NAV PIPSC Members.
  • Addressed various issues and advised the members re layoffs
  • Assisted a member with their performance review process. Member wasn’t happy with manager’s comments.
  • Worked on a conflict resolution process between a Member and a Manager regarding work, performance and manager’s feedback (collaboration with DM). Had separate meetings with each party and we came out with actions, goals and ideas to move forward, which the member is pleased with. 


  1. Members at large update  


  • Attended weekly update meetings
  • Helped members during the layoffs period
  • Attended subgroup meeting
  • Attended Debi Daviau’s meeting


  • Attended weekly update meetings
  • Attended subgroup meeting
  • Had one OSH meeting for 77 Metcalfe
  • Working with one individual member who was laid off, to help them with financial planning with HR


  • Attended weekly update meetings
  • Attended Debi Daviau’s meeting
  • Assisted EF with member’s case
  • Issue with “team leads” topic, manager decided to rotate team leads role amongst all staff even with the juniors. And this is not normal. Assured the member


  1. Negotiations


  • Nothing to report
  • When the company approaches us about Wage deferral, it really falls under negotiation
  • We are dissolving the negotiation team and are forming the new team based on the Executive.
  • If we are going to sit down and talk about wage deferrals and saving jobs, we want a “no contracting out” clause period.
  • Suggest survey to members in the new year re questions about forgoing wage deferrals without a no lay off clause or different combination of questions to help the company. 
  • It is good to involve the members and have their participation in a survey to get an idea about the type of help we can give the company re wage increases.
  1. Grievance Update
  • People on probation who got laid off, got a settlement which is good.
  • A response from management denying the grievance; so, it is going to third level which means an arbitrator.
  • And PIPSC responded so we are going to third level.
  • Refer to section 5 (President Update)


  1. OSH report
  • N/A
  1. Other Business
  1. Wage Deferral - survey
  2. Presentation from VP Technology MC
  3. Bargaining certificate update
  4. Concern: Managers doing Union work when resources are short as excuse.
  5. LD is our new national OSH; she’s already the OSH for the local 77 Metcalfe.
  1. Adjournment


Moved by MS. Seconded by LD.