The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Executive Meeting Minutes January 29th, 2020


  1. Roll Call
  • Vas, Jazz, Derek, Satya, Alexis, Brittany


2. Review and Approval of Agenda

  • Derek, Alexis


3. Approval of Previous Minutes

  • Alexis, Jazz


4. Review of Previous Action Items

  • Venue for AGM 
    • Derek has been in contact with Powerhouse


5. AGM Venue Update

  • Possibility to move to Hamilton due to change in structure of group
  • ~30 people attend from JCC
  • Option to have at hospital after hours or rent hall/room and have catered 
  • Powerhouse is only available on May 13
  • Potential speaker: David Griffin (negotiator) Vas to look into


6. JCC/WFCC Executive Group Structure

  • Should we move forward as one group, have WFCC as sub-group or form two separate groups
  • Need more details on what each option entails and is structured
  • Alexis, Rob H. and Brittany to discuss and contact David regarding questions
  • WFCC to update rest of executive by February 8th 


7. Workplace Issues Discussion

  • N/A


8. Financial Statement

  • Reviewed by Jazz
  • Received annual allowance of $1767 based off of previous amount in account and what allowance is
  • Expenses are executive meetings, AGM and socials at both sites