PIPSC: JCC/WFCC executive meeting

Date: DEC 7th, 2017 @ 6pm 

Location: JCC Cancer Center (699 Concession St, Hamilton)


  1. Roll Call:
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. October 11th executive meeting minutes
  4. Business arising from October 11th minutes
  5. President’s Message (Carrie)
  6. Treasurers report (Jazz)
  7. Approval of Budget (Jazz)
  8. 2017 Holiday Social (Ben)
  9. 2018 AGM committee (Ben)
  10. New Business
    • Positions that are eliminated/being eliminated (Alexis)
    • b. New Maternity leave (Carrie)
  11. Adjournment

Roll Call:

  • Present: Carrie, Vas, Alexis, Sandra, Ben
  • Absent: Derek, Jazz

Approval of Agenda:

  • Vas/Carrie

October 11th executive meeting minutes:

  • Approved with corrections: Vas/Sandra

Business arising from October 11th minutes

  • Vacation:
    • Can only carry over up to 75 hrs; anything over this will be cashed out
    • Management will make plans with you to reduce your vacation balance if over the 75 hrs
  • WFCC/JCC rotations:
    •  Guidelines formulated by working group to be discussed in labour management
  • Compression stockings:
    • Brought up concern that new guidelines re: compression stockings did not take into consideration the WFCC site.  Will be brought up in labour management.
    • Expect update end of January
    • Perhaps have mobile unit available to WFCC twice a year?
  • Casuals at WFCC:
    • WFCC not utilizing equal opportunity spreadsheet model as JCC
    • Currently only selected casuals are being called in for shifts
    • WFCC/JCC management to discuss future model
    • Need to remember not all staff are able to work at both sites
      • There is no requirement of management to allow time for casuals to train at either site
    • We are looking for transparency in the selection process and need management to establish process and document it. Ie. Memo
    • Need casuals to grieve that some PT staff are getting FT hours when casual pool is available for shifts
  • Staffing model:
    • With Kronos there is a push to clarify staffing model
    • Previously we were operating on an “overstaffing” model, currently using “replacement” model (ie. Call casuals to fill gaps)
    • Staff need to put in formal request for time to perform tasks, volunteer projects, etc.  We need to show that there is a need for more staffing hours
  • Casual:
    • Can we roll casual positions to become FT positions?
      • Nothing in current collective agreement addressing this

President’s Message (Carrie)

  • Labour management issues:
    • Why are FTs used to fill gaps between PTs?
      • Need more continuity on units to reduce complaints
    • When casuals are hired as in a more permanent role, they will receive seniority based on their hours worked
  • Ontario regional counsel meeting
    • Carrie to discuss issues we are currently facing:
      • Healthcare cuts
      • Casuals
      • Quality of healthcare
  • Political action in upcoming provincial election
    • Should we be more vocal?
    • Should union support us in voicing our concerns?
    • We as an individual can only say so much before we risk our job security
  • Branch AGM in FEB
    • Will soon to be implemented
    • Education to be provided
    • Individual will have 7mins after start of shifts to sign in
    • Need to make sure disciplinary action is even across the board for all staff

Treasurers report (Jazz)

  • MRT week cost $914.28 at JCC and $88.70 at WFCC
    • Future MRT weeks, we will budget $15/person
    • Future Christmas tea, we will budget $5/person
  • 2017 annual allowance received

Approval of Budget (Jazz)

  • Ben/Vas

2017 Holiday Social (Ben)

  • Tentatively to be held Jan 3rd
  • Sandra and Vas to organize at the JCC
  • $5/person

2018 AGM committee (Ben)

  • Looking for CCO speaker; Carrie
  • Possible dates: May 15/16/17
  • Location: the PowerHouse, same venue as last year’s
  • Ben to look into reserving

New Business

  • Positions that are eliminated/being eliminated (Alexis)
    • In April, 1 person will move from JCC to WFCC
    • This individual will then be given first opportunity to return to JCC when a position becomes available
  • Mat leave:
    • After DEC 3rd, staff have option to take 18 months of maternity leave
    • HHS HR and union will be looking into this issue further, ie. Top up
    • Contact union representatives if you have questions
    • HHS said to contact myHR, but they have no answers


  • Ben/Alexis