PIPSC: JCC/WFCC executive meeting

Date: APR 17th, 2018 @ 6pm

Location: JCC Cancer Center (699 Concession St, Hamilton)


1) Roll Call:

2) Approval of Agenda

3) DEC 7th, 2017 executive meeting minutes

4) Business arising from DEC 7th, 2017 minutes

5) President’s Message (Carrie)

6) Treasurers report (Jazz)

7) Approval of Budget (Jazz)

8) 2018 AGM committee (Ben)

a. Location

b. Positions up for renewal:

i. President

ii. Secretary

iii. Member at large: WFCC + JCC

9) New Business:

a. Standardized meeting goals

b. Proposed budget

10) Adjournment

1) Roll Call:

a. Present: Carrie/Vas/Jazz/Ben/Derek/Sandra

b. Absent: Alexis

2) Approval of Agenda

a. Derek/Jazz

3) DEC 7th, 2017 executive meeting minutes

a. Jazz/Carrie

4) Business arising from DEC 7th, 2017 minutes

a. Pharmacy will book clinic for compression stocking once a year at the WFCC. Details to come.

b. You can see vacation/lieu time balance in Kronos

5) President’s Message (Carrie)

a. HHS HR:

i. Brought up issue that dosimetrist report was a waste of time and resource to prepare:

1. Committee formed and delivered opinions on the dosimetrist model

2. No individual at the Director level has seen the report since management did not agree with report and did not pass it on.

b. Professional Practice Committee:

i. Not enough volunteers, only 7 individuals participated

ii. Role of committee is to assess and recommend what is the GOLD standard for clinical practice is.

iii. Need to get more volunteers; preferable from a range of areas. For example: CT/DOSI/TRT floor/WFCC, etc.

c. Policies:

i. Rob Hunter to oversee policy implementation for both WFCC/JCC

1. Individual physicists cannot dictate procedure

ii. WFCC and JCC policy are currently not the same

iii. Ongoing need to differentiate policy versus procedures

1. Coreen apparently is project manager of policies

iv. Lack of clarity re: policies & procedure leads to confusion and contradictory practice between units and sometime on the same unit

d. DSTs:

i. Lillian is in charge of DSTs

ii. Would like to see volunteers rotate through the different DSTs instead of having same individuals stay on one site forever

e. JOBS:

i. 3 Casual positions to be posted at JCC

ii. 2 Casuals positions to be posted at WFCC

f. JOB description:

i. Richard and Marcia working on updating our job descriptions

1. However, they did not use HHS forms, and has to restart the process

ii. Difficulties in putting all members under 1 job description

1. Ie, we don’t do 25% planning, 25% patient care, 25% research….etc.

2. Job descriptions need to change as the tasks change, qualification change, etc

3. Different jobs throughout our department: planning, CT, MRI, brachytherapy, daily linac treatments, Cyberknife, etc.

iii. Carrie asked to prepare job summary report

g. Cross site assignment:

i. Only available when there are individuals interested at both sites

ii. Will seek volunteers once a year during assignment selection process

h. Part-time scheduling flexibility

i. Staffing in department is very irregular due to part-time scheduling.

1. Some days there is more staff than needed and other days there is a lack of staff

ii. Kronos is struggling to adapt to our current PT scheduling system

1. Is our current PT staffing model viable?

i. Training model:

i. When new Varians arrive there will be on-site training instead of HQ training

ii. Physicists are not happy that individuals who are trained on the new machines no longer work there due to the unit rotations

iii. We need to get processes and procedures of using the new Varians documented

j. Weekly QA:

i. Units are now doing weekly QAs of other units.

ii. Random audits are still being done by management

iii. Also auditing inconsistencies, ie. CT documentation variability

k. Attendance reward letter:

i. Given to individuals below corporate targets as a reward

1. For individuals not on ASMP

ii. Will be given around December of each year

l. CPR training:

i. This is now mandatory every year unless our certification is valid for 2 years

1. HHS requires this for all their employees

ii. On our own to maintain our certifications, not covered by HHS

iii. Looking into having Richard recertify for us outside our shifts. Details to be determined.

m. National Elections:

i. Is there a role for PIPSC during the national election?

1. To be discussed at the AGM

n. Labor management:

i. Please bring issues ahead of time to Vas/Carrie so they can prepare

o. Discipline:

i. 2-3 unpaid suspensions this year

ii. Written and verbal warnings were given prior to suspensions

6) Treasurers report (Jazz)

a. May not be able to fund $15/person for MRT week in the future

i. Will be looking at $10/person in 2018

b. Will be proposing 2018+2019 budgets at the 2018 AGM

c. Vas/Carrie

7) Approval of Budget (Jazz)

a. Vas/Carrie

8) 2018 AGM committee (Ben)

a. Location:

i. The Powerhouse again for the 2018 AGM on May 30th at 6:30pm

ii. No guest speaker

iii. Notices to be sent

iv. Vas/Ben/Alexis to collect $10/person as refundable deposit

b. Positions up for renewal:

i. President (Carrie)

ii. Secretary (Ben)

iii. Member at large: WFCC (Alexis) + JCC (Sandra)

9) New Business:

a. Standardized meeting goals

i. Jazz proposed standardize meeting goals and dates for executive meeting

b. Proposed budget

i. Jazz to proposed 2018 +2019 budgets at the 2018 AGM

10) Adjournment

a. Derek/Carrie