1. Call to Order:

Satya called meeting to Order

Location: JCC 3-88        Date:   05 FEB 2024             Time: 6:25 p.m.

  1. Attendance: Satya Chaube, Sharon Chiu, Danitra S Maharaj, Jazz Vansantvoort, Ben Chean, Crystal Ho and Michael Osei-Wusu.
  2. Approval of Minutes from last meeting

Motion to Approve.  Moved by Crystal.  Seconded by Danitra.

  1. Business Arising from previous Minutes
  1. September meeting re-imbursement – in progress
  2. New H&S Rep – nominations considered, voted and passed. 

The successful candidate is Danitra. Training by the hospital to follow.

  1. President’s Address

Satya explained the status of RAND members in the group. Article 12.02 of the Collective Agreement was reviewed.  Steward in waiting announced.  Sharon is expected to complete Basic Steward Training in the Fall. Report delivered from President’s meeting.  Discussion on the shortage of CT sim supplies, how inventory of CT sim supplies is taken and the role of CT sim staff in monitoring inventory followed.  Linen shortage is an issue for CT.

  1. Financial Report

Motion to approve.  Moved by Danitra.  Seconded by Ben.

  1. Successful re-imbursements
  2. Budget balance
  1. Committee Reports
    1. Labour Management

-     Sought clarification on e-sim process and on-call process

-     Staffing numbers

-     Agreement for print date of vacation seniority list reached

    1. Bargaining

-     Preliminary meeting date set

-     Bargaining prep dates TBD

    1. Grievances – 1 active
    1. Health & Safety
      • No report from JHSC rep
      • Last available minutes to be posted on PIPSC board
  1. Summary of Unfinished business & actions
      • Email to be sent out about PIPSC snack day
  1. New business
  1. Lunch & Learn – Danitra, Sharon, Michael.  
  2. Tentative Executive meeting schedule set
  3. Branch AGM
  4. PIPSC snack day!
  5. 2024 AGM – venue, catering search
  1. Adjournment

Satya adjourned the meeting at 8:45 p.m.

Date of next meeting –week of April 8.

Minutes submitted by: Danitra S Maharaj, Steward, Secretary PIPSC JCC-RT