JCC RAD Therapy Executive Meeting Minutes  -  22 Jun 2023

  1. Call to Order:

Satya called meeting to Order

Location: JCC                 Date:   22 JUN 2023             Time: 6:20 p.m.

  1. Attendance: Satya Chaube, Sharon Chiu, Danitra S Maharaj, Jazz Vansantvoort

Regrets: Crystal Ho, Michael Osei-Wusu, Ben Chean         

  1. Approval of Minutes from last meeting

Motion to approve.  Moved by Jazz.  Seconded by Satya.

  1. Business Arising from previous Minutes
  1. Charge therapist
  2. New staff having scheduled time for Union Rep meeting during Orientation.
  1. President’s Address

Satya acknowledged and welcomed the members in attendance. There was discussion about improved communication and sharing of information with members, within and out of the Executive.  The roles of the Executive members were reviewed, including implementation of a buddy system to ensure there is always a back up present, and more engaging roles for the members at large.  The union should act as a facilitator, not a barrier.  Decisions should involve all team members where possible.  A growth plan is being formulated to encourage Steward Training.

  1. Financial Report

Motion to Approve.  Moved by Jazz.  Seconded by Danitra

  • Jazz reminded members to cash issued cheques as promptly as possible
    • Budget allows for 2 staff events – MRT week, Seasonal occasion
  1. Committee Reports
    1. Labour Management
      • New team members appointed – Jazz and Satya to attend consecutively, Sharon and Danitra to attend alternately
      • Proposed change for the timing of LMM discussed
      • Need for Project Management Lead with expert training in area of expertise to be temporarily assigned to train other staff
      • Impact of “super users” being pulled away from team on treatment unit to address issues that arise
      • Scheduled overtime
    1. Bargaining
      • New team members appointed – Satya, Jazz, Danitra
      • Collective Agreement review
      • David Griffin to discuss LOU’s, date TBD
    1. Grievances – 2 active
    1. Health & Safety
      • JHSC TOR reviewed
      • Collective Agreement reviewed
      • Minutes to be posted on PIPSC board in sign in room
    1. Psychological Health & Safety
      • Introduction to recently formed Committee
      • Team members – Satya, Danitra
      • Suggestion to have training discussed in Committee meeting available for all staff
  1. Summary of Unfinished Business & Actions
      • Jazz to follow up on possible presentation by ERO on rights and responsibilities of employees
      • Satya and Danitra to meet with Tammy to clarify non-BU members vs BU members
  1. New business
      • By-laws review & amendments
      • Collective Agreement review & amendments
      • New documents available – new staff info sheet, template, resource binder, online resources
      • PIPSC board in sign in room updated
      • Meeting with Dave Griffin, date TBD
  1. Adjournment

Satya adjourned the meeting at 9 p.m. Date of next meeting TBD.

Minutes submitted by: Danitra S Maharaj, PIPSC-JCC, Secretary