Zoom Meeting 

In attendance: Rose Dong, David Hakes, Ken Jackson, Kris Schellekens, Pramesh Selliah, Roy Mulchand

Regrets: Dennis Savage, Jason Caners, Andre Saive, Brody Bell

  1. Call to Order: Rose Dong called the meeting to order at 4:06pm.
  2. PIC Results: Rose shared the PIC results which did not change.  It remained at 5.6% over 3 years while other members are getting 8% over 4 years. PIC report will be out by September.  The Bargaining Team is working hard to reach a fair deal like the other groups and is hopeful this will come to fruition. Reminder to please support the CS group when asked to Show Your Colours once a month as it helps to achieve our goal of a fair deal.
  3. COVID-19 Alert App: Rose recommended to download the COVID Alert App which CS members helped to develop and will be maintaining it.
  4. AGM: We still have money for the AGM when allowed to do so.
  5. Masks: David advised that anyone can order a mask from the PIPSC office when the email comes out.  You have a choice of 3 masks to pick - PIPSC, Region or Group.
  6. EWSP: There was a discussion of the EWSP - Employee Wellness Support Program to replace our old sick leave program. Kris questioned about the new sick leave  (health program). It seems too good to be true as it includes:
    1. 26 weeks of paid leave with 100% income replacement;
    2. 9 paid sick days;
    3. 3 day carryover of unused sick leave days;
    4. 3 day paid qualification period for short term disability benefits; and
    5. Family-related leave will increase by one day.
  7. Next meeting: Next meeting was discussed to hopefully have it in person but an email was just sent later in the evening that no in-person meetings till the end of the year.  So the next meeting will be virtual in October.  Rose will send an email in October for a Zoom meeting.
  8. Adjournment: A motion to adjourn was made by Rose Dong and seconded by Roy. The meeting was adjourned at 4:30pm.