The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Winnipeg & Southern Manitoba CS Group

February 4,  2020

Boston Pizza Restaurant


In attendance: Rose Dong, Jason Caners, Pramesh Selliah, Roy Mulchand, and Kris Schellekens.

Regrets: Dennis Savage, Andre Saive, Ken Jackson, Brody Bell, and David Hakes.


Call to Order: Rose Dong called the meeting to order at 5:25pm


Old Business: Rose advises the minutes from the previous executive meeting were posted online to the PIPSC website, and the CS Coffee downtown at CGC and at 17 Wing for DND were held and provided members the promotional PIPSC items (travel mugs (purchased through website), freebies obtained by Rose of PIPSC 100 anniversary pens, paper pads, pins, and coasters), and that the 5 litre wet/dry bags we ordered have been received from DAQUIN for the Winnipeg & Southern Manitoba CS Subgroup AGM giveaway, and that she received the corrected polo shirts for the executive from DAQUIN.


Meeting Minutes: Brody was unable to attend, having to work late. For this meeting, Kris will send them to Rose, and she will forward to PIPSC for posting. 


Executive in attendance received the treasury report and was accepted by Pramesh and seconded by Rose at 5:36pm. Rose advised we need to book and pay for the Winnipeg & Southern Manitoba CS Subgroup AGM but need the date finalized. Rose has not received any response to her emails to Stan Buday and Pierre Touchette, and will pin them to a date when she is there in person in two weeks. Rose requested to have ideas for greater member involvement, something to entice greater participation and visibility, possibly a survey to find out what our 299 CS Subgroup members would like for an activity as we’ve given away lots. Kris noted any activities would need to occur after we receive our allotment.


Treasurer's Report: Kris advises we have $1105.37 in the subgroup bank account, after CS coffee events in October, December, January, and purchase of stainless steel tumblers, cooler bags, wet/dry bags for AGM attendance giveaways to members and the purchase of executive polo shirts. The remaining balance will be for the AGM. Anticipate AGM of $900, and anticipate full allotment of $2330 to be granted by PIPSC in June 2020. Kris advised we will need to get reimbursed for this executive meeting and if there will also be a meeting in March, as there’s just enough after purchasing the stainless steel tumblers, cooler bags, and the wet/dry bags, and the CS member coffee events to be able to pay for the AGM. If we aren’t reimbursed, we may have to get an advance on the allotment, or have the March executive meeting be email only.


Promotional Items: Rose received the 5 litre wet/dry bags ordered for the AGM giveaway. Kris ordered and received the stainless steel tumblers for the coffee giveaway. Rose was able to obtain PIPSC 100 pens, pads of paper, pins, and drink cozies at no cost, given out to members at CS coffee events in December and January, and at the PIPSC Lunch & Learn held at DND 31 Jan 2020.


PIPSC Winnipeg & Southern Manitoba AGM: Jason Caners advised the Branch AGM will be held 12 March 2020 at the Clarion Polo Park in Winnipeg, poster will be out with the choice on Eventbrite to attend the meeting only or meeting and meal. All members in good standing are welcome to attend after registering through Eventbrite.


PIPSC Mobilization Training: Rose will be in Ottawa for the PIPSC Mobilization Training on 26 February 2020. Jason noted as many SSC are able to work from home and not in the office, need ideas how to get them out for a picket line if needed.


Winnipeg & Southern Manitoba CS Subgroup AGM: Rose advises Boston Pizza is good value for the AGM this year, and while in Ottawa she will talk with Stan in person to secure the date in April 2020 to book the venue for the AGM. Rose noted we will need the poster with the location, date, and time details. Rose also noted we need more members for the executive as we have vacant positions.


Next meeting: Next meeting will be held in March.


Adjournment: A motion to adjourn was made by Rose Dong, seconded by Jason Caners, and carried by unanimous vote. The meeting was adjourned at 5:40pm.