Dear CS Subgroup Vancouver Members,

This is an invitation to attend the CS Subgroup Virtual AGM, for the year 2020.

Normally, this would have been an in-person AGM in 2020.   However, due to the pandemic, that was not possible.  We are hoping to have an in-person AGM for 2021, in the first week of December.

The annual Subgroup AGM is to discuss the years activities, upcoming activities, elections (not until the 2021 AGM this time,) and key issues for CS’s - including the conclusion of the bargaining round, IT conversion, health and safety and a chance to answer any member’s questions.

The 2020 Virtual AGM will be held on Friday February 12th, at noon, via Zoom. 

Please register at the following URL – there will be a prize for first 70 members that register and attend:

Thank you from your CS Subgroup Vancouver Executive.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Karim Chaggani

President, CS Subgroup Vancouver